Berserk chapter 374 of the manga keeps delaying its arrival

Berserk chapter 374 of the manga keeps delaying its arrival

Berserk chapter 374 of the manga keeps delaying its arrival – we all know that the “Berserk” manga follows a rather flexible publishing model at this stage, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The most important thing is that Kentarou Miura’s work can continue, and the work accomplished by Studio Gaga and Kouji Mori is truly appreciable. Having said that, what we should also be grateful for is that even if there is sometimes an inconclusive publication schedule, they continue to let us know when the manga is NOT going to be published, as is the case with chapter 374.

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Berserk chapter 374 overdue?

Berserk chapter 374 here is what MangaMogura has gathered about the latest status update of the manga “Berserk” :

Berserk chapter 374 Basically, the Berserk manga will also be absent from the July 14th issue of Young Animal magazine, which means a further delay in the publication of the 374th chapter of the manga.

Berserk chapter 374 of the manga keeps delaying its arrival
  • When will the chapter be published? Possibly on July 28, with the next issue of Young Animal. However, there’s no guarantee that this is the date on which the manga’s new chapter will be published (so if you want to start thinking about August, you might not be wrong).
  • Another important aspect to bear in mind regarding the Berserk manga is that it was confirmed a few weeks ago that the 42nd volume of the manga would be released this year. In other words, these delays seem to be planned internally, otherwise they wouldn’t have published such important information.

Like it or not, the situation of the “Berserk” manga is what it is, and that’s to be welcomed. Many great manga stories, even with their active mangakas, remain forever incomplete because of the physical and mental impossibility that accompanies them. I can mention names like “NANA” or “Vagabond”. In this particular case, patience is both a virtue and a blessing.