Leaked Dragon Ball Super anime to return in 2024

Leaked Dragon Ball Super anime to return in 2024

Dragon Ball Super and the silence has been broken. Months have passed since “Dragon Ball” insiders said their last words about the anime’s return, and now we may know why: according to another insider who has revealed some VERY important information in the anime industry, it seems that “Dragon Ball Super” should be forgotten about its return in 2023. Indeed, here are the details of the information leaked today.

All you need to know about the return of the Dragon Ball Super anime

Leaked Dragon Ball Super anime to return in 2024 1

To begin with, it was insider @BoJJJJJi who published this information, with the support of Oecuf, which gives it a lot more weight. But let’s get down to business:

  • Basically, the insider confirmed that in 2024, we’ll have the Dragon Ball Super web anime broadcast.
  • What is this web-anime? Well, in case many of you haven’t heard of it or don’t even remember, it’s this “secondary” anime that Dragon Ball insiders first previewed, and which will NOT deal with the canonical story of the franchise’s manga.
Leaked Dragon Ball Super anime to return in 2024 2
  • The anime we’ll be seeing will therefore tell an original story, the plot of which is totally unknown. It should feature some great animators, including one of the best directors to have worked on the One Piece anime.
  • This means that for the 40th anniversary year, unless things change a lot, we will NOT be seeing the Moro and Granolah sagas animated. A controversial decision in my opinion, since on a fixed date they’re opting for a reception side project yet to be seen, instead of a return to canon and chronology, something many of us have been waiting for since the conclusion of Tournament of Power.
  • If anyone wants to give “Dragon Ball” insiders credit at this point, it’s worth noting that @BoJJJJi comments that this web anime was delayed internally by TOEI. I mean, surely the idea was to release the anime in 2023, and I get the impression that a “Dragon Quest” movie that’s supposedly still to be announced would be the cause of all this. Anyway, since this isn’t an official announcement and we’re talking about “Dragon Ball”, it’s best to take all this with caution.