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Chainsaw Man Chapter 134 release date

Chainsaw Man Chapter 134 release date

Chainsaw Man Chapter 134 the Chainsaw Man fan community has been abuzz since midday with new leaks and rumors about the anime adaptation. The possibility of MAPPA working on a cinematic sequel is growing, and on top of this comes the more than likely production of a second season of the anime.

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 134 Meanwhile, the manga continues to move forward at a good pace, leaving us with many interesting panels and dialogues that set the scene for what’s to come. The relationship between Denji and Nayuta begins to be properly explored, and this is something readers have been looking forward to.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 134 release date

Chainsaw Man Chapter 134 release date
  • Chainsaw Man Chapter 134 is scheduled for worldwide release from next Tuesday, June 27 2023
  • As a result, the author of Chainsaw Man will NOT be taking any longer than necessary, and will return to the weekly publication format (around 20 pages every seven days.
  • Once Chapter 134 is officially published, it will be available free of charge, legally and with a high-quality Spanish translation via Manga Plus.

What happened in the previous Chainsaw Man chapter 133?

  • After what happened with the Falling Demon, Yoshida shows Denji all the anti-Chainsaw Man protests that have started to spring up in Tokyo ????.
  • To control all this, the Demon Hunter Association is forced to control Denji more than ever and restrict his unpredictable movements; to do this, they will force him NOT to retransform❌.
  • The deal offered to the protagonist is that he can live a normal life with Nayuta in exchange for not becoming Chainsaw Man again, or else they’ll kill the little demon.
  • However, the chainsaw boy insists that he doesn’t want to go one way or the other, he wants to go both ways.
  • Then Nayuta enters the scene and kisses Denji.
  • Before heading home, Yoshida makes it clear again that if they disobey his orders, they’ll go after Nayuta, but Denji declares he has nothing more to say to him and heads home with his protegida.

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