One Piece: the names of Netflix's live-action episodes have been leaked

One Piece: the names of Netflix’s live-action episodes have been leaked

One piece Live-Action Last weekend, at a special event organized by Netflix, the first official trailer for the One Piece series was finally released. The teaser evoked all sorts of feelings among fans, ranging from amazement and excitement to disappointment and disgust. Whatever the case, it’s now time to wait until August 31 to see whether it will be a success or another failure.

The funny thing is that these days, many leaks are emerging, revealing small details about the series. On Sunday, Mackenyu (Zoro’s actor) said that each episode of One Piece would last about an hour. And watch out, we’ll now know the title of each one.

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That’s what the first episodes of the live-action version of One Piece will be called.

The OP_Netflix_Fan account has picked up on information found on the official WGAW (Writers Guild of America West) website indicating the titles of the 8 episodes of Netflix’s live-action series ❗

  • Season 1 will include the following episodes:
  • Romance Dawn
  • The man in the straw hat
  • Tell No Tales
  • The pirates are coming
  • Eat at Baratie!
  • The chef and the chore boy
  • The girl with the sawfish tattoo
  • The worst of the East
  • Note that the order of these episodes may not be correct❌.

However, “The Worst of the East” is likely to be the last of these, as it shares a very similar title with chapter 96 of the manga (The Baddest of the East), which features the arrival of the Straw Hats in Loguetown.