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Chainsaw Man to be filmed and anime season 2, says insider

Chainsaw Man to be filmed and anime season 2, says insider

While Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga is progressing well into Part 2, the anime Chainsaw Man has yet to show any sign of life after the end of its first season at the end of 2022. Despite criticism from a section of the Japanese public, MAPPA’s adaptation proved to be an international success. There’s no doubt that the series will be continued in one form or another.

A few weeks ago, a rumor circulated that the Anime story would be continued in the form of an animated film, and although there were a few events where some sort of confirmation could be expected, users remained in the dark as to the veracity of this rumor. Today, new and exciting information has emerged.

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The anime Chainsaw Man returns in force

  • Insiders oecuf0, the same people who reported on the supposed Chainsaw Man movie, are back with another big leak about the series.
  • According to them, MAPPA is not only working on a complete anime of the series, but also on season 2.
  • Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll have to wait a long time for an official announcement on these projects⌛⌛.
  • If this rumor proves true, CSM fans will be treated to a movie and a new series of anime episodes. Not bad, eh?

Chainsaw Man Season 2

The next arc in the Chainsaw Man anime should be the Reze arc, and given that it consists of 12 chapters, it’s very likely that the film will be responsible for adapting it. After that, it’s very likely that MAPPA will work hard to include the International Assassins and Gun Demon arcs in a season 2 that will close the first part of the series.

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