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Dragon Ball: The new character who can now use Super Saiyan Blue 2023

Dragon Ball: The new character who can now use Super Saiyan Blue 2023

Super Saiyan Blue Dragon Ball super today boasts a large number of out-of-canon stories, for which we have Dragon Ball Heroes, Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Dragon Ball Legends to thank in particular. What’s more, all these iterations of the franchise have one thing in common: they use different realities and/or timelines to create stories and encounters that are totally impossible in the reality of Akira Toriyama’s world. For example, Dragon Ball Legends transformed its protagonist into.

Dragon Ball Legends protagonist Shallot can now use Super Saiyan Blue.

I leave you with the video moment when Shallot unlocks the Super Saiyan Blue transformation for the first time (via @DB_LEGENDS_JPN) :

And if the video isn’t enough, I’ll leave you with the official illustration of Shallot in Super Saiyan Blue, which is truly incredible:

And now I’m going to tell you four little things about character and transformation in video games:

  • It’s been years since Shallot, as the protagonist of Dragon Ball Legends, received his latest transformation, but Bandai has finally shown him a lot of love in recent weeks: the rarity jump from Hero to Sparking and the Super Saiyan, two key ways of making a character accessible to all once again viable.
  • In the video game, those who complete the necessary story missions will unlock not only Super Saiyan Blue for Shallot, but also a substantial amount of his “Z Power” which will even allow him to enter the red stars. Certainly a good way to encourage its use.
  • Shallot thus joins the very limited list of Dragon Ball characters who can use Super Saiyan Blue, consisting mainly of Goku, Vegeta and their fusion derivatives. Obviously, Shallot is NOT a canonical Dragon Ball character, but he does prove that, with training, it’s an attainable form.
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