Gachiakuta, 'the new Fire Force', shows the first official anime teaser trailer

Gachiakuta, ‘the new Fire Force’, shows the first official anime teaser trailer

The Japanese animation industry is always on the lookout for new pearls to feed the sector, especially as those infinite works like “Dragon Ball”, “Bleach” or “Naruto” are becoming harder to find. In other words, the market is in a constant tug-of-war of seeing products quickly born, grow gloriously and end a few years later. That’s why there’s confidence that “Gachiakuta” could become a new reference, and hence why some are already comparing it to “Fire Force”.

“Gachiakuta”, the new project from the studio behind “My Hero Academia”

Without further ado, here’s a first official look at the teaser trailer for the “Gachiakuta” anime:

  • First off, you can see that this teaser trailer doesn’t really give a first look at what the BONES studio’s anime will be like. It’s clear that the studio is very busy right now with “My Hero Academia” and we’ll probably still have to wait a few months to get a decent preview.
  • After watching this first teaser trailer, considering BONES’ work on “My Hero Academia” and knowing that the “Gachiakuta” anime is confirmed for 2025, I personally believe that we’ll have it at the earliest in the summer of 2025. And I wouldn’t rule out the fall, but obviously that remains to be seen.
  • And yes, many people are seeing “Gachiakuta” as the new “Fire Force” for two main reasons:
    • Kei Urana, the author of “Gachiakuta”, was an assistant to the creator of “Fire Force”. Moreover, the author of “Fire Force” was so impressed with her work that he named her the “heir” to his legacy.
    • On the other hand, due to the time spent with Atsushi Okubo (author of “Fire Force”), “Gachiakuta” is artistically similar in certain aspects to “Fire Force”. In addition, it is a manga of action and fantasy like so many are sought in Shonen Jump.

Currently, the “Gachiakuta” manga has 11 volumes and 100 chapters published (you can buy it in Spain through Norma), so by the time the anime airs, I wouldn’t be surprised if BONES decides to go for those +20 episode seasons that they love so much for this type of anime