Berserk Chapter 377: A New Wait for Fans

Berserk Chapter 377: A New Wait for Fans

Berserk fans were finally rewarded for their infinite patience at the end of April. After months and months of waiting, Studio GAGA finally released chapter 376 of the manga, which kicked off a new story arc in the best possible way. The quality of the art and the pace of the narration are only getting better, which is why there is so much excitement to see how the story will continue.

However, the release date for chapter 377 is quite uncertain. Kentaro Miura’s former assistants need a lot of time to prepare the new pages of the work, and this process can take months. So, when can we expect this episode to arrive? We have no idea, but we do have confirmation that it will not be this month.

Berserk Chapter 377: A New Delay

Berserk Chapter 377 1
Berserk Chapter 377: A New Wait for Fans 1

The news of the delay for chapter 377 was announced on the Manga Mogura RE Twitter account. According to the source, Berserk will not be present in the 13th issue of the year 2024 of Young Animal magazine. So now that we know the manga will not be returning this month, fans are praying for good news in July.

The next issue of Young Animal will be released on July 12th, and there is a small chance that the highly anticipated chapter 377 will be released on that date. However, after this news, many fans believe that we will not read anything new about Berserk until the fall, which is unfortunately highly probable.

It should be noted that, as is the case with other highly appreciated mangas such as Hunter x Hunter, the best thing we can do is to let the authors work at their own pace and without too much pressure. Although this means a longer wait, the final result will be worth it. I am convinced of this.

Berserk Chapter 377
Berserk Chapter 377: A New Wait for Fans 2


The new delay of chapter 377 of Berserk is a disappointment for fans, but it is important to remember that quality takes time. We can only hope that the next chapter will be worth the wait and that we will have more information about the release date soon.