Gear 5 au cinéma? One Piece fan petition

Gear 5 au cinéma? One Piece fan petition

Gear 5 au cinéma made her debut in “One Piece” over a year ago, and since then she’s been seen in merchandise, manga covers, and even a cameo at the end of “One Piece Film: Red,” the franchise’s most recent film, which debuted in 2022. As a result, a number of fans have begun to rally in an attempt to get something special: the Gear 5 released in theaters.


One Piece fans call for Gear 5 au cinéma release

Here is a poster created by a group of French fans, and taken over by newworldartur, to start promoting the release of “One Piece” Gear 5 au cinéma:

  • For those who don’t know, Luffy’s Gear 5 should make its appearance this summer in the One Piece anime. Obviously, it won’t happen in May, which was reserved for Sanji and Zoro to finish their respective fights against Queen and King. ?
  • On the other hand, from June onwards, there is complete freedom, and it is from this point that the real countdown to what was one of the most revolutionary moments in the One Piece manga in recent years will surely begin. ?
  • Again, it is worth remembering that in fact Gear 5 could already be seen in One Piece Film: Red, but as the film is not canon as such beyond the figure of Uta, the reality is that the beginnings of the transformation is yet to happen in terms of the main story of the anime. ?

I have no doubt that fans of the franchise will not be able to forget the timing of Luffy’s Gear 5 debut in the weekly “One Piece” anime. Based on what we saw on May 7 with the fight between Sanji and Queen, we should expect the Gear 5 awakening to have production values worthy of an animated film. I wouldn’t mind seeing this moment in theaters either, although it seems hard to imagine that happening.

ONE PIECE PROJECT: THE GEAR 5 EPISODE IN THEATERS! Good evening dear One Piece fans, I call upon the ONE PIECE community so that the Gear 5 episode can be shown in some cinemas in France