Release date Hell's Paradise Episode 7

Release date Hell’s Paradise Episode 7

Hell’s Paradise Episode 7 showed in its last chapter that it knows how to make good fights. So far we have seen a few back and forth or quick fights, but we have yet to see a full chapter of fighting.

An interesting battle that allowed our protagonists to move forward and show us what they are capable of. And, finally, another chapter that ends with a bang. In this case, two questions remain in our minds: this village that seems abandoned and these people with pink and yellow hair.

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When will Hell’s Paradise Episode 7 be released

Date: Saturday, May 13, 2023

Where to watch: available on Crunchyroll ?.

Does anyone live in the village? Maybe it’s just abandoned, but from the way the characters talk, they seem to think there are people in those houses.

Also, those two people at the end were having… sex? in the middle of such a dangerous island? And we don’t know who they are, because they weren’t part of the expedition group. Maybe they are the inhabitants of this village, but there is no doubt that they live and know the island, because they did not seem to be afraid.

Another episode that lived up to expectations. In the next episode, it seems that both questions will be solved, because the show has not left us in doubt for more than one episode since the cliffhanger.