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Today, we’re going to talk about Dragon’s possible intervention at EggHead, following Saturn’s announcement of the summoning of the Gorosei Elders. And you, dear Fans passing by, I see you!

In chapter 1109 of One Piece, we learn that Saturn has summoned the Gorosei deans to EggHead to prevent Vegapunk’s message from being broadcast, a piece of information that allows Oda, once again, to completely upend the arc and complicate matters for one side. Saturn’s arrival imposed great pressure from the outset, as it was essential for the Mugiwara to feel threatened by real adversaries.

Nouvel onglet (

One piece 5 Gorosei

One piece 1110 spoilers Luffy VS 5 gorosei

From then on, the story line intensified and, seeing Gaban die before his eyes, Luffy faced Saturn and Kizaru alone. Thus, the hasty arrival of the other deans becomes a necessity in order to defeat Luffy in less than 9 minutes and prevent the message from being broadcast.

However, for the sake of the scenario and the story’s progress, this message must be delivered to the world, which suggests that Gorosei will fail. But for that to happen, a powerful reinforcement is needed to put them in their place.

Logically, Dragon is the first person you think of. There’s no one more powerful than him to intervene, except maybe Shanks, but the chances of that are very slim in my opinion. There are also other characters who could arrive on the island to help Luffy or get involved in the conflict out of interest.

Monkey .D Dragon Egghead?

One Piece Chapter 1105 AKAINU VS MONKEY D DRAGON

We’ll look at and theorize about this in this article, starting of course with Dragon, the character most likely to come to EggHead of all those in One Piece.

So far, we haven’t seen him take action in any situation, even Im-sama, a far more mysterious entity, has been spotted in his monster form attacking Sabo and Cobra.

Thus, linked to Kuma, Vegapunk, Luffy, and the world government, Dragon has many reasons to intervene in EggHead. Otherwise, I’d find it somehow cowardly, disappointing that one of his friends should die without him acting, as was the case with Jinbe and Kuma, even if he had his reasons for not acting.

But now that his second-in-command has achieved such popularity and seen Im-sama and the Gorosei with his own eyes, that Vegapunk is set to reveal information vital to the One Piece universe, and that the five deans have mobilized to prevent it, how could he not intervene?

And above all, who better to intervene? Saturn seems unbeatable with his mysterious powers, which even Luffy doesn’t understand. If there are five of them with different powers, there’s no chance of Vegapunk getting through, while only Luffy is there to stop them.

One, okay; two, why not; but beyond that, even for someone of Luffy’s level, it’s complicated. Sanji stays with Vegapunk, Zoro hasn’t finished his fight yet, and Jimbei is going to find him so he can evacuate the island without getting lost. So who can help Luffy against the five entities at Egghead?

Exactly, Dragon is the best choice Oda could make to allow the Mugiwara and Vegapunk to win the battle. But some will tell me that Dragon was seen in Ked Drave and that a sudden intervention would be illogical from a space-time point of view.

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