The iconic Dr. Slump Arale is back in this cool cosplay of the character.

The iconic Dr. Slump Arale is back in this cool cosplay of the character.

Dr. Slump Arale Akira Toriyama is best known for “Dragon Ball”, after all Goku has an influence and presence in the anime world that borders on the irresistible. However, before the birth of this “tribute” to the legend of Sun Wukong, Toriyama-sensei had already made a name for himself for an even more classic work: “Dr. Slump”, which featured a crazy and powerful android named Arale. More than 40 years have passed since the publication of this manga, but some people still remember the character very well.

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Arale is back in this beautiful Dr. Slump Arale cosplay

Arale Dr. Slump This is demonstrated by cosplayer @inamiyuri, who created an Arale costume that doesn’t look bad at all:

  • The overall look of Dr. Slump Arale is perfect, and it’s certainly easy to recognize the character at first glance. ?
  • If I had to pick one image out of the two, I would definitely choose the one with the stick and poop. After all, you have to remember that Arale had a near-obsession with finding poop of any kind, for which, icing on the cake, he found sympathy by being downright alive. ?
  • In case you liked the cosplayer, beyond the Twitter I linked, you can find her here on her Instagram account and here on the account she uses on Facebook. ?
  • At a quick glance, you can see that the cosplayer works with a lot of different anime and types of clothing, but personally, I think this nod to Arale is among the best she’s ever portrayed ?

I don’t know how many people saw “Dr. Slump” at the time, but even though I was caught in the later stages of its broadcast on Catalan television, the truth is that I have very good memories of all the humorous gags that the anime contained. It is clear that at the time when the manga “Dragon Ball” began, Toriyama-sensei had already worked on the theme of comedy in his stories. Obviously, this theme took a back seat as the story of Goku and company progressed, but the success he received in return certainly paid off.