Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 4: A Roaring Success in Just Two Episodes

Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 4: A Roaring Success in Just Two Episodes

In the world of anime, few shows have managed to capture the hearts of viewers quite like Kimetsu no Yaiba. And it seems that the love for this series is far from over, as the latest season has already proven to be a massive hit.

A Highly Anticipated Return

Just a little over two weeks ago, Kimetsu no Yaiba made its highly anticipated return. The past weekend saw the release of episode 2, which marked the first time that viewers were treated to completely new material from ufotable’s adaptation.

As expected, the work of Koyoharu Gotouge quickly became one of the most-watched shows of the spring season. But what’s truly impressive is just how fast it’s outpacing other productions.

Climbing the Popularity Ladder

To give you a visual representation of just how well Kimetsu no Yaiba is doing, take a look at the current ranking of the most popular animes on Crunchyroll:

Pretty impressive, right? Here are a few key takeaways that you should know:

  • Firstly, as you can see, Kimetsu no Yaiba is already among the top 6 most-watched animes on Crunchyroll. And it’s important to note that this achievement was reached after airing just two episodes of season 4.
  • Now, you might be wondering why this is so noteworthy when other spring shows like Kaiju No. 8 are still ahead. Well, the thing is, it took Kaiju No. 8 a few more episodes to climb up so quickly in Crunchyroll’s list of most popular animes. But if there’s another anime that clearly highlights Kimetsu no Yaiba’s popularity, it’s My Hero Academia.
  • It’s no secret that My Hero Academia is one of the biggest animes of recent years, even if it seems to have lost some of its initial edge over time. So, for comparison, while Kimetsu no Yaiba is already in sixth place on the list, you have to go down to 16th place to find My Hero Academia (which, by the way, has roughly the same amount of content aired for its seventh season).

A Rapidly Growing Phenomenon

Now, the purpose of this comparison isn’t to put My Hero Academia down and praise Kimetsu no Yaiba. The goal is to highlight just how quickly Kimetsu no Yaiba is growing compared to other animes it’s competing with. This once again makes it clear that ufotable’s work is a worldwide success like few other shows today.

So, what’s next for Kimetsu no Yaiba? Only time will tell if it can maintain this pace until the end of its broadcast. And who knows, it might even dethrone “Solo Leveling” from its first-place spot, which Sung Jin-Woo is currently clinging to with all his might.

One thing’s for sure, though – the world of anime is all the better with Kimetsu no Yaiba in it. And we can’t wait to see what the rest of season 4 has in store for us.