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Kingdom Chapter 763: The story of Kan Pishi! The Qin dynasty is unifying China

Kingdom Chapter 763: The story of Kan Pishi! The Qin dynasty is unifying China

Kingdom Chapter 763 the previous chapter followed Xin and Piao as the latter accepted a prestigious position at the Qin royal court.

The next story reveals Xin’s meeting with Zhen Ying, who would become King of Qin.

It also explores their shared journey, with Zhen hoping to unify the nation and Xin aiming to climb the military ladder.

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Kingdom Chapter 763 Xin and Piao

Kingdom 763 continues the story of Kan Pishi, a jurist from the state of Han who has been invited to join the Qin court as a guest.

Kan Pishi and King Sei had a face-to-face discussion in the previous chapter, but failed to agree on their views on human nature and government.

Kan Pishi maintains that humans are inherently evil and need strict laws to govern them, while Sei asserts that humans are inherently good and gentle.

In addition, Kingdom 763 can also include various alliances and relationships between different countries, which can also explore some of the issues and consequences they may face in the process.

Finally, Kingdom 763 will also explore the alliance with Korea, which seems favorable at a time when the Qin dynasty was in the process of unifying China.

Kingdom Chapter 763 has been confirmed for release on June 29, 2023. Fans can find Kingdom Chapter 763 in Shueisha’s official Weekly Young Jump magazine.

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