KINGDOM CHAPTER 793 - Has KANTAN fallen yet?

KINGDOM CHAPTER 793 – Has KANTAN fallen yet?

KINGDOM CHAPTER 793 in the exciting world of manga, the announcement of a break for a mangaka is often greeted with a range of emotions by the fan community. Recently, the world of “Kingdom” was plunged into this reality, with Yasuhisa Hara taking a well-deserved break. Like all art, the creation of a manga requires not only immense talent but also considerable physical and mental dedication. It is therefore crucial to support these artists’ rest periods, enabling their creativity and health to continue.

The importance of rest for a Mangaka

The news that Hara-sensei is taking a break with chapter 793 of “Kingdom” has not been received with criticism, but rather with understanding and support from the community. This underlines a notable maturity within the “Kingdom” fanbase, recognizing that behind every chapter is a human being who deserves rest and consideration for his or her well-being.

The impact of Number Changes on the plot

Beyond the announcement of the break, a captivating piece of information concerning the modification of Ten’s army numbers has emerged, shedding new light on military strategies in the “Kingdom” universe. Originally estimated at 200,000, Ten’s army has now been reduced to 150,000, with 20,000 of them joining Shin’s unit, leaving 130,000 soldiers for the battles to come. This revelation not only readjusts our understanding of the forces at play, but also opens the door to new speculations and theories about the future direction of events in “Kingdom”.

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Theories and speculation

This change in military strength suggests the existence of a group of 60,000 soldiers whose role has yet to be defined, introducing an element of mystery and suspense. Where are these soldiers? What is their objective? Will their role be decisive in determining the course of the battles to come? The possibilities are vast and exciting, promising intriguing future developments in the story.


Hara-sensei’s break is a reminder of the importance of supporting our favorite artists in their creative process, including in their moments of rest. Moreover, the changes made to the organization of the troops in “Kingdom” invite us to re-evaluate our expectations and theories about the story. As ever, the world of “Kingdom” continues to captivate us, not only with its epic narrative but also with the fascinating dynamics at play behind the scenes. Further adventures promise to be rich in twists and turns and renewed military strategies, and we as a community remain impatient and supportive of Yasuhisa Hara’s creative genius.