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Boruto: the manga announces a long break, but the date of its return is fixed

Boruto: the manga announces a long break, but the date of its return is fixed

Boruto is in what can be defined as a preparation period. The anime has been frozen for a few weeks now, as part 1 was closed, but with the knowledge that a part 2 had been given the green light to prepare for production. Now we find out that part of this decision may be due to the fact that the manga also announced its own hiatus, and it is not really short.

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Boruto has now its manga and anime completely stopped.

Here is all the information that MangaMogura has gathered about the plans of in the coming months:

According to the information, once the new chapter of the manga is released on Friday, April 21, the publication will enter a long-term break. ?

  • Yes, peace of mind because it is known how long the Boruto manga will be inactive for: a total of 4 months. Not only that, but there is even a date for his return: August 21, 2023. In other words, on paper it looks like the situation is perfectly planned. ?
  • It is also known why the decision has been made for the manga to enter a hiatus of so many months, this being that Boruto will start a new arc for his story. ?
  • At this point it is completely unknown what this new Boruto storyline will be about that takes so many months of preparation, although we will surely receive some sort of preview as we get closer to his return. ?
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