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One Piece chapter 1083 things get clearer! Oda reveals how Blackbeard got the demon fruit Gura Gura no Mi

One Piece chapter 1083 things get clearer! Oda reveals how Blackbeard got the demon fruit Gura Gura no Mi

One Piece Chapter 1083, the battle on Winner island involving the pirate Blackbeard and the pirate Heart has ended.

Blackbeard managed to come out on top after taking down Law. When he saw that Law was defenseless, Blackbeard wanted to seize the power of Ope Ope no Mi.

As we know, the pirate Blackbeard likes to seize the power of other people’s demon fruits.

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One piece chapter 1083 Blackbeard

If Blackbeard takes the power of the Demon Fruit, Law will certainly die.

One Piece chapter 1083 But luck was always with Law, before Blackbeard took the power of Law’s Demon Fruit, Bepo immediately acted.

Bepo, who had lost, drank Chopper’s remedy, which made him automatically enter Sulong mode.

Bepo launched a surprise attack on Blackbeard, then took Law away.

One Piece chapter 1083 So, even though Law lost, he was able to survive thanks to Bepo, and Blackbeard did not manage to get Ope Ope no Mi.

There was an interesting sentence from Blackbeard, when she planned to take the power from Law.

One Piece chapter 1083 Blackbeard said that the Pirates whose hearts were taken by Law are still alive on Beehive Island today.

According to Blackbeard, the pirates would be happy if Blackbeard brought them Law’s heart.

These words contain a very important clue to the mystery of the demon fruit.

It seems that the spirit of the Demon Fruit will live in the heart of the user.

Therefore, if you want to take the power of another person’s demon fruit, you must take the heart.

It has been explained that when a demon fruit user dies, the spirit of the demon fruit moves to the fruit near the location. The fruit then turns into a demon fruit.

But it seems that there is a certain amount of time before the transfer occurs, when someone wants to take over the power of another person’s demon fruit, they must quickly take the person’s heart before the demon fruit spirit moves to another fruit.

This is why Blackbeard was able to take the power of the demon fruit Gura Gura no Mi from Shirohige.

At that time, the spirit of the demon fruit Gura Gura no Mi had not yet had time to move to another fruit.

When the heart of the demon fruit user is taken out, what should be done with it?

That’s why Blackbeard covered himself and his body with a black cloth, so that people can’t see Blackbeard eating Shirohige’s heart.

People will not realize that Shirohige’s heart has been removed, because there is already a hole in Shirohige’s chest because of Akainu’s attack.

Blackbeard can use this hole to remove Shirohige’s heart.

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