Mashle The manga is already very close to its end

Mashle The manga is already very close to its end

It’s been over six months since the author of “Mashle” announced the sad news to his fans: the story of Mash Burnedead was coming to an end. Indeed, the work’s home stretch began last November, and continued even during the premiere of the “Mashle” anime (which I recommend if you want to recapture the “One Punch Man” atmosphere of the time). But today, more than ever, it seems that the farewell is at hand.

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The Mashle manga seems to be coming to an end.

Here’s all the information WSJ_Manga has gathered on the progress of the manga, which could well end in just a few days:

  • A message in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine has advanced that the Mashle manga will reach its “Super Climax” during the coming week, in the magazine’s 31st issue of the current fiscal year.
  • What is the “Super Climax” of a play? Well, the truth is that it has been given more than once that it was directly the final chapter of a manga, or that it was at least the chapter that preceded the final chapter.
  • Also note that next week’s chapter of Mashle will be 24 pages longer than usual, and will also benefit from a special color page. So if this isn’t the final chapter of the manga, it’s a sign that closure is imminent.

At present, the Mashle manga has a total of 16 published volumes, but the truth is that there are still a good handful of chapters to be collected in physical volumes. So I wouldn’t be surprised if, even if it concludes next week, the manga ends up with around 18 volumes in total.