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One Piece anime will be Break in May

One Piece anime will be Break in May

The One Piece anime is getting ready to give us a feast of animation next May. We know this because Toei has officially started to promote the upcoming fight between Sanji and Queen as if it was a big sporting event. The same goes for the fight between Zoro and King. However, meeting the expectations requires more preparation time than usual, so we will also have a short break in the weekly broadcast of “One Piece” in May.


When will the broadcast of One Piece anime Break in May 2023?

Here is what newworldartur reported about the schedule of the One Piece anime for the next few weeks:

  • Basically, it has been confirmed that after Sanji’s fight against Queen, before the outcome of the fight between Zoro and King is aired, we will have a break in the broadcast of the anime. ?
  • For those who have doubts, I remind you that the end of the fight between Sanji and Queen will air this Sunday, May 7, 2023. ?
  • One Piece anime This means that the Sunday on which there will be NO One Piece anime during this month of May will be the Sunday before the 14th, next week. ?
  • Therefore, this implies that the end of the fight between Zoro and King should air on Sunday, May 21, which is the one logically following the Sunday of the broadcast break. ?
  • Also, we can assume that by May 28, the battles of the two most powerful warriors in the service of the straw-hatted pirate captain will have found their conclusion, which should begin to pave the way for Luffy’s own big moment. ?

If one thing is clear, it’s that this spring/summer will be one of the most legendary in the history of “One Piece” anime. I’m talking about memorable moments like Gear 4’s first time, like Luffy’s resolution against Katakuri; moments of excitement that fans of Eiichiro Oda’s work will engrave in their retinas and memories. That said, we’ll just have to be patient, because a week’s break is too little for what’s in store this month.

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