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My Hero Academia chapter 389 Is Dabi dead?

My Hero Academia chapter 389 Is Dabi dead?

My Hero Academia chapter 389 has arrived, and it brings both good and bad news for fans of this captivating manga. First of all, the good news is that the author, Oricoshi, is doing better, which means that we have regular chapters every week, without too many breaks. This is great news for fans who are looking forward to the next part of the story.

My Hero Academia chapter 389 a rather short chapter

My Hero Academia chapter 389 a rather short chapter

However, the bad news is that this week’s chapter is quite short, with only 10 pages, compared to the 11 or 12 pages of the previous week. Despite its brevity, this chapter does not disappoint in terms of action and twists, as we are used to seeing in My Hero Academia.

In the previous chapter, we witnessed an attack by Dabi on the Todoroki family. All members of the family, with the exception of Shoto, were affected by Dabi’s fire attack. In the 9 pages of this chapter, we continue to follow this attack and its consequences.

My Hero Academia chapter 389 the Todoroki family

My Hero Academia chapter 389 the Todoroki family

The Todoroki family members use their ice alter to protect themselves from the impending explosion. Unfortunately, despite their efforts, the probability of the explosion does not decrease. Rey, the female member of the family, is badly burned on his face, while Natsu and Fuyumi appear to have serious injuries to their arms.

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Meanwhile, Endeavor and Dabi continue their face-off. Endeavor finally realizes that his family is watching him and considers his feelings. However, it may be too late to rectify the mistakes of the past, as Dabi seems ready to destroy everything in his path. Toya, Dabi’s real name, seems to be on the verge of sacrificing himself in this battle, and little of his human appearance remains.

As the explosion approaches, the heroes on the battlefield fight against Twice’s clones. They realize they must flee quickly to avoid being caught in the blast. The civilians and children of the preschool are safe, thanks to robots that have evacuated them. The children look at the scene on their tablets and recognize the figure of Shoto, who arrives on the battlefield.

As the action unfolds, many people watch the scene through their screens, including a child who has supported Endeavor from the beginning. You can see the emotion in this child’s eyes as he witnesses the destruction of his hero. Others, like a white-haired woman, are also captivated by what they see.

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