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Ninja Kamui Episode 6 release date

Ninja Kamui Episode 6 release date

Ninja Kamui Episode 6, when you want to follow the simulcast of an anime, you know that you won’t be able to get a dub in your own language and that you’ll have to use subtitles. This is still the case, but there are already some series being released directly in Spanish, or dubbed shortly afterwards. One of these is the anime “Ninja Kamui“.

Today, I’m here to tell you exactly when and where we’ll be able to see the next episode of “Ninja Kamui”. If you’re following the series and don’t want to miss the next episode, I think you’ll find the following information useful.

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Release date Ninja Kamui Episode 6

Here’s all the information about it:

Date: Sunday March 17 (it will already be March 18 in Europe) 🗓

Where: Via the “Ninja Kamui” tab on HBO Max. 👀

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