One Piece 1092 JoyBoy, The Forgotten Century and The Secret of Kuma!

One Piece 1092 JoyBoy, The Forgotten Century and The Secret of Kuma!

In the latest chapter of One Piece, fans have been buzzing with excitement. It seems that beneath the surface of the epic battle between Luffy and the forces of evil lies a deeper, more intriguing layer. In this article, we will delve into the chapter’s revelations and explore the hidden mysteries that Oda is unfolding.

The Awakening of the Robot

One of the most significant moments in this chapter is the awakening of the ancient robot. It’s revealed that this colossal machine, inspired by the technology of Dr. Vegapunk from 200 years ago, had set its sights on Marie Jois and the Red Line. What triggers this awakening is the sound of the Liberation of Nika’s drums.

The Involvement of Kuma and Bonney

The plot thickens as we learn about the involvement of Bartholomew Kuma and Jewelry Bonney in this enigmatic saga. Kuma, previously thought to be a mindless cyborg, is shown to have some history with the Marines and the World Government. This raises questions about his past and affiliations.

The Disrupted Technology of the Void Century

The chapter hints at a connection between the awakening of the robot and the disappearance of Joy Boy during the Void Century. It’s suggested that the advanced technology of the forgotten century may have relied on a power source that was disrupted when Joy Boy vanished. This disruption might explain why the robot lay dormant for centuries.

The Marine’s Assault on the Void Century

A coalition of nations allied against the inhabitants of the Void Century plans an attack on their technological stronghold. This attack could reveal the secrets of the ancient civilization and their advanced technology. The implications of this assault are significant, as it could change the course of history.

The Battle Between Luffy and Kizaru

While the chapter’s depth goes beyond just the battle, it’s worth noting that Luffy’s clash with Admiral Kizaru continues. Luffy’s Snakeman form faces off against the Marine admiral, showcasing the high-stakes combat. However, this fight is just one aspect of the larger narrative.

The Uncertain Fate of Vega Force 1

The destruction of Vega Force 1, the robot guarding the Sunny, hints at a more complicated ending to the current arc. Previously, it was speculated that the Straw Hat Pirates would escape with Caesar Clown’s assistance, leaving the Marines with a new energy source. Now, things seem less certain.

Saturn’s Potential Betrayal

Intriguingly, there’s a theory that Saturn, one of the members of the Giant Squad, might turn against his allies. His access to the mysterious energy source could make him a wildcard in the unfolding events.


One Piece Chapter has left fans with numerous questions and theories. The hidden layers of the story, involving the ancient robot, the Void Century, and the battle between the Straw Hat Pirates and the Marines, promise an exciting future for the series. As the story unfolds, we can only anticipate more revelations and twists in this epic adventure.