One piece 1110 5 goresei and Ancient Weapons

One piece 1110 5 goresei and Ancient Weapons

One piece 1110 In the vast and mysterious world of One Piece, the sudden summoning of all Gorosei is an intriguing phenomenon. The mystery behind these elders gradually unfolds, revealing connections between them, their communication abilities, and even their nature.

Today, we delve into these details and explore how Gorosei are showcased in One Piece, along with their potential relationship with the ancient weapons.

One piece 1110 Abilities of the Five Gorosei

One piece 1110 5 goresei and Ancient Weapons
One piece 1110 5 goresei and Ancient Weapons 1

A peculiarity of the Five Gorosei is their ability to communicate telepathically. This ability immediately brings to mind the Voice of the Universe, a crucial notion that could play a significant role in the culmination of One Piece.

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We’ve seen instances where this voice has been used, such as interactions between Luffy and Momonosuke in Wano, as well as communications between Roger and the Sea Kings. This communication ability mirrors that of the Gorosei, who could use it to coordinate their actions.

Parallels Between Gorosei and Ancient Weapons

An intriguing theory suggests that the Gorosei may have links to the three ancient weapons: Pluton, Poseidon, and Uranus. These elders, supposedly aged for centuries or even millennia, share striking similarities with users of the other ancient weapons. For instance, Soniché could be associated with Poseidon, controlling the Sea Kings, while the Gorosei could represent Uranus, the celestial weapon capable of controlling superior and mysterious forces.

Possibilities of Fusion One piece 1110

A fascinating theory posits that the Gorosei may have the ability to merge their powers, forming a formidable entity. This idea is supported by similarities with the story of Exodia in Yu-Gi-Oh, where multiple entities combine to form a formidable force. This hypothetical fusion of the Gorosei could be related to their use of the Voice of the Universe, amplifying their power and influence in the world of One Piece.


The mysteries surrounding the Five Gorosei and their potential connection with the ancient weapons are captivating. As the story of One Piece progresses, it’s likely that these elements will play a crucial role in the epic culmination that awaits. In the meantime, fans can speculate and theorize about the true nature of the Gorosei and their impact on the One Piece universe.

Fan Opinions and Theories

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