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One Piece Chapter 1086, four Gorosei discuss three important events! Chaos reigns again at Impel Down

One Piece Chapter 1086, four Gorosei discuss three important events! Chaos reigns again at Impel Down

One Piece Chapter 1086, Mary Geoise’s current state is shown, in the authority room 4 Gorosei talk about several things.

First, the attack on Egghead Island, which involved Gorosei Saint Jegarcia Saturn, Kizaru and Navy troops.

Mary Geoise’s four Gorosei are convinced that the attack will yield good results.

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One Piece Chapter 1086 Mary Geoise

One Piece Chapter 1086 Mary Geoise

Secondly, regarding the actions of the revolutionary forces in destroying the supply ships, this is a serious problem that Gorosei thinks the Holy Knights should deal with.

Thirdly, they talked about the chaos at Impel Down, and it turns out that the prison has recently experienced a great deal of chaos.

In chapter 906, Doflamingo suspected Magelan was guarding him, as assassins from above would have silenced Doflamingo.

One Piece Chapter 1086 Doflamingo was right, the world government had sent people to finish him off.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t CP0, but one of the Sacred Knights, but Magelan didn’t want outsiders doing what they wanted at Impel Down.

Magelan kept Doflamingo prisoner, which led to a fight between Magelan and one of the Sacred Knights.

The battle caused a great deal of destruction at Impel Down, causing Doflamingo’s chains and manacles to fall off.

For Doflamingo to escape, it’s highly likely that other prisoners escaped due to the chaos at Impel Down.

There are many reasons why the one sent by the World Government was a Sacred Knight instead of CP0.

One piece chapter 1086 Doflamingo

One piece chapter 1086 Doflamingo

That’s because the Gorosei knew that Doflamingo was very dangerous, and that it was better to send the Sacred Knight than CP0.

What’s more, Doflamingo knows something important. Doflamingo knows about Mary Geoise’s national treasure, one of the world government’s greatest secrets.

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