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One Piece : This is the best cosplay of Zoro in the Wano arc you will ever see.

One Piece : This is the best cosplay of Zoro in the Wano arc you will ever see.

Cosplay of Zoro “One Piece” is one of the anime and manga that feeds the cosplay community the most, because finally its dozens and dozens of characters allow them to always have a new character to work on. But sometimes, nothing is better than a good classic, and that’s what I propose you today: a classic character like Roronoa Zoro who had the right to a TOP cosplay on the occasion of his passage in Wano, especially during the battle against the forces of Kaido.

You won’t find many Wano Cosplay of Zoro like this.

Zoro cosplay I have to say that even though I think the cosplay is a 10, also because Taryn_Cosplay took the measure of the character, the truth is that the photo editing helps a lot to give depth to the character (especially to the first one, which is by far my favorite of this set). In this sense, the cosplayer mentions thomas_kilcher_photography, who is the one who helped him to make this Zoro’s photos one of the best published lately in terms of “One Piece” cosplays.

cosplay of Zoro On the other hand, speaking of the news of “One Piece”, I remember that with the publication of chapter 1081 of the manga, the RRSS began to discuss things like, for example, who could be Hinokuzi. If you want to explore the figure of this mysterious character, I recommend you to take a look at the following article that my colleague Miguel has prepared about it:

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