One Piece Chapter 1087 As soon as baby Shanks was thrown into a crate by his father

One Piece Chapter 1087 As soon as baby Shanks was thrown into a crate by his father

One Piece Chapter 1087 spoilers have started to be posted on various forums and Baby Shanks’ flashbacks have finally been shown.

Revealed in the flashback to One Piece Chapter 1087,Shanks was thrown into a crate by his own father 38 years ago, while on God Valley Island.

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One Piece chapter 1087 God Valley shanks Baby

It turns out there’s a special reason why Shanks was thrown into a crate by his own father.

To find out who his father is and why Shanks was thrown into a crate, One Piece Chapter 1087.

As we know, Eiichiro Oda recently evoked the figure of the leader of the Divine Knights, Saint Garling Figarland.

It was also mentioned that he was the former king of God Valley Island 38 years ago, precisely before the Rocks D Xebec raid incident.

One Piece Chapter 1087 Given his surname, it’s certain that he comes from the Figarland family.

Interestingly, Oda himself confirmed that Uta and Shanks were also members of this family.

One Piece Chapter 1087 furthermore, the mangaka himself has provided a number of clues proving that Saint Garling Figarland is Shanks’ father.

Firstly, Shirohige had mentioned him to Shanks before the Great Marineford War.

According to the former Yonkou, every time she sees Shanks’ face, she remembers the man who hurt her.

The Gorosei and the Navy seem to respect Shanks’ decision.

Even Akagami was allowed to freely enter and leave Mariejoa, which was a no-go area for pirates.

All this would certainly make sense if Shanks’ father held an important position in the world government and was the leader of the Divine Knights.

Knowing this, why was Shanks, who was a baby 38 years ago, thrown into a crate at the end of the God Valley incident?

The Rocks D Xebec group, with the most powerful team in history – Kaido, Big Mom, Shirohige, Shiki and others – attacked God Valley 38 years ago to hunt the Tenryuubito.

At the time, the King of God Valley, Shanks’ father, couldn’t contain their power.

He eventually placed Shanks in a treasure chest in the hope that he would become the successor to the Figarland family.

Only then did Garp and Roger come to defeat the Rocks D Xebec group.

Later, at the end of the war, Roger asked for a tribute of treasure chests as a reward for helping the navy.

Baby Shanks appeared in one of the chests, and Akagami’s journey as a pirate began.