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One Piece Chapter 1082 Eiichiro Oda declares that Garp knows the true nature and identity of Shanks

One Piece Chapter 1082 Eiichiro Oda declares that Garp knows the true nature and identity of Shanks

One Piece Chapter 1082 The incident at God valley is the most terrible incident that has ever happened in the world of One Piece.

As explained by Sengoku in chapter 927 of One Piece manga, the God valley incident became a terrible incident for the world government and the navy.

One Piece Chapter 1082 The God valley incident was so terrible that it was erased from history, which is why few people have heard of it.

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One Piece Chapter 1082

One Piece Chapter 1082 haki shanks

But what is clear is that the God Valley incident involved a group of pirates called the Rocks.

One Piece Chapter 1082 The Rocks pirate group was once very famous and often caused chaos in the One Piece world.

Sengoku also explains that the Rocks pirate will not hesitate to kill, whether it is a friend or an enemy.

One Piece Chapter 1082 Akagami no Shanks has been found or adopted by Roger and his crew since he was a baby, which means that if we refer to Shanks’ current age of 39, we can link him to the incident that happened in God Valley 38 years ago.

We can relate it to the incident that happened in God Valley 38 years ago.

So there’s a gap of about a year, and one year is the age of a baby.

One Piece Chapter 1082 One last thing that might make us wonder is why Eiichiro Oda put Shanks’ age and the God Valley incident together,

It would make perfect sense that Roger and his team first met Shanks when he was just a baby.

Also, it should not be forgotten that when Rogger entrusts Ace to Garp, Roger once said that children are characters who have no sin, no matter how cruel their parents are.

One Piece Chapter 1082 This may be the reason why Monkey D Garp was willing to accept Ace and take care of him, because it was Garp who said what Roger said.

So it is possible that after the God Valley incident was over, Garp found Shanks.

However One Piece Chapter 1082, Garp could not deal with him, because he knew that the boy aka Shanks was the son of one of the Tenryuubito of God Valley.

We all know that the monkey D Garp hates Tenryubito so much that Garp asked Roger to take care of the baby.

Saying that children are innocent of any sin despite the cruelty of their parents.

The statement is very clear despite the cruelty of the parents and this can illustrate the nature of the Tenryuubito who still practice oppression and slavery.

In other words, Monkey D Garp fell into the trap of his own words, when Roger wanted to leave Ace to Garp.

So this is a good reason for Monkey D Garp and Roger to want to adopt a baby and not kill it.

In addition, another evidence that can strengthen the hypothesis that Shanks was found during the God Valley incident can be found in chapter 966 of the One Piece manga.

One of the panels shows how Roger is holding Hyori, who has just been born,

In this panel, we can also see how Silver Rayleigh is holding Momonosuke,

Interestingly, Roger said something that goes beyond what we all expected, Roger said It’s been a long time since I met and held a baby in my arms.

This could clearly indicate that Roger and Shanks met for the first time after the God Valley incident.

Also, you all remember the incident in which Shanks came to meet Gorosei in Marjoa during the reverie meeting.

Even though it is obvious that this meeting is very closely monitored by the navy and world government agents, it does not make sense that a pirate could easily meet with the highest ranking person in the world government, who is none other than the President of the Republic.

It doesn’t make sense that a pirate could easily meet the highest ranking person in the World Government who is the pirate’s enemy.

You can assume that Shanks is a Yonkou and that the Gorosei will appreciate his arrival.

But the big question is whether the situation would have been the same if Kaido, Kurohige and Big Mom had come to Gorosei without notice.

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