Dragon Ball Super chapter 92 with the return of Broly

Dragon Ball Super chapter 92 with the return of Broly

Dragon Ball Super chapter 92 It seems that “Dragon Ball Super” is more special than the official versions expected. Yes, the first part of the chapter has been clearly designated to depict the first meeting between Gamma 2 and Piccolo, but it seems that the second part will explore other subjects like… Broly. Indeed, the Legendary Super Saiyan is back in action, and this time he makes his first official appearance in the “Dragon Ball” manga.

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Without further ado, here are some images shared by DBHype on what we will see on April 20 at 5pm on MangaPlus (yes, when the 92nd chapter of the manga “Dragon Ball Super” will be officially released).

The new images of Dragon Ball Super chapter 92

Summary of what we will see in Dragon Ball Super chapter 92

  • Basically, Dragon Ball Super chapter 92 manga will have 3 well-defined parts:
  • Gamma 2’s initial fight against Piccolo. ?
  • Piccolo’s infiltration of the Red Ribbon Army base and subsequent contact with Bulma. ?
  • The beginning of the training fight between Broly and Goku. ?
  • Conspicuously, I want to highlight two details about Bulma’s panels:
  • First, that they nerfed her ass. I think all of us who saw the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie remember the significant ‘zoom’ they did on her butt and that it was actually ‘cropped’ in countries like China. It seems Toyotaro and Toriyama didn’t care much about that. ?
  • Secondly, there’s a pet dinosaur! This we certainly didn’t see in the movie, but it looks like Bulma and Trunks have a new family companion in Vegeta’s absence. ?