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One Piece Chapter 1087: Vegapunk takes Luffy back in time, Joy Boy reveals himself…

One Piece Chapter 1087: Vegapunk takes Luffy back in time, Joy Boy reveals himself…

A leak from One Piece Chapter 1087 reveals a surprising thing, Luffy will travel through time and Joy Boy is.

Eiichiro Oda has surprised One Piece fans once again by making Luffy travel through time.

Before this was confirmed in One Piece Chapter 1087, many fans already believed that Luffy would travel through time.

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Luffy’s time travel first appeared when a friend of Eiichiro Oda leaked the ending of the One Piece saga on a reddit forum.

One piece chapter 1087 Joy Boy’s past

One piece chapter 1087 Joy Boy's past

The leak reveals that Luffy will travel to the past and meet Joy Boy.

Luffy achieves this through the combined abilities of three demon fruits.

However, according to the leaked One Piece Chapter 1087, Luffy’s time travel was not due to the demon fruit’s ability.

Luffy’s time travel turned out to be the result of technology created by Vegapunk.

As we know, it was revealed in One Piece 1066 that Vegapunk was developing warp drive technology.

At the time, Vegapunk was conducting tests on this advanced technology, but a distortion of space and time occurred.

The distortion of space and time meant that half of Vegapunk’s body was trapped in an ancient robot until he was finally rescued by Luffy.

This warp technology allows Luffy to travel back in time.

Revealed in One Piece Chapter 1087, Luffy and his group are trapped by a buster call attack.

Vegapunk then forces Luffy and his colleagues out of Egghead using warp technology.

Vegapunk’s satellites had in fact warned the scientist that the technology had not been tested and that they might not be able to move according to the coordinates.

However, as this was the only way they could escape the siege of the buster call attack, they were forced to use One Piece’s advanced technology.

Unfortunately, when Luffy used the technology, there was a distortion of space and time that took him back in time.

Luffy, who was in a new place, looked confused and tried to find his colleagues.

He then met someone similar to Vivi, who turned out to be Nefertari Lili.

Unexpectedly, Nefertari Lili recognized Luffy as Joy Boy, which confused the Straw Hat.

Lili said, “Where have you been Joy Boy, we need to spread the Poneglyph around the world, please order Zunesha to help us.”

“We’re running out of time, that traitor Imu lied to all of us, Joy Boy,” Lili continued.

Luffy, who looked confused, didn’t understand what the woman he knew as Vivi was saying.

This is the leak from One Piece 1087, but keep in mind that this leak is still questionable.

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