Will Barakamon Season 2 be released?

Will Barakamon Season 2 be released?

I wonder if Barakamon season 2 will ever come out. This animated series, which I discovered on Crunchyroll, already dates from 2014, and yet, it has only just crossed my path in 2024. The story really captivated me. Is a sequel planned?

Barakamon season 2 a possible sequel?

Will Barakamon Season 2 be released?

for Barakamon season 2 I ask myself a question: for me, Handa’s story cannot end like this. He finished in fifth place, he did not win first prize.

Because the adventure was captivating and inspiring, seeing Handa evolve was remarkable. He has changed a lot, for the better, thanks to this unique island and his new endearing friends.

The question of whether a season 2 of Barakamon will see the light of day remains open, given that the original anime dates from 2014, almost 10 years without a sequel. It is true that some anime resurface after many years, leaving a glimmer of hope for fans.

Despite extensive research, I couldn’t find any official information regarding a possible sequel. It seems that, for now, we must remain hopeful while remaining without concrete confirmation.

Season 1 of Barakamon is available on crunchyroll

Will Barakamon Season 2 be released

You can watch the anime series on Crunchyroll: Barakamon