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One Piece Chapter 1107 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1107 Release Date

One piece chapter 1107 once the weekly episodes of One Piece are fully leaked, many readers start searching for information about the release date of the next episode. Unfortunately, in doing so, they often discover that there will be unexpected breaks that will leave them hungry for a little while, and that’s unfortunately what happened for the start of February.

One piece chapter 1107 after releasing three chapters in a row in Weekly Shonen Jump, Eiichiro Oda will rest for a week before returning to action with the 1107th chapter of One Piece. When will it be released and where can we read it in English? Let’s see what happens.

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When will One Piece Chapter 1107 be released?

  • One Piece 1107th Chapter Will Not Be Officially Available Until February 18, 2024
  • You will have to wait two whole weeks to discover the rest of the plot, due to a break in the manga🚨.
  • Fortunately, this is one of the breaks planned by Eiichiro Oda and Jump, so no worries👍🏻.
  • Once available worldwide, the episode in question can be read in English, free and legally on the Manga Plus🆓 site/application.

Summary of the previous chapter chapter 1106 of One piece

  • In chapter 1106, we saw Saturn and Kizaru preparing to wipe out every living thing in Egghead 💀.
  • The Admiral attacked Franky, Sanji, Bonney, Kuma and Atlas, but before things got too hairy, Luffy knocked him out with a punch from Gear 5👊🏻🤣.
  • After this moment, Vegapunk revealed to Bonney that Straw Hat IS Nika the Sun God, the hero she and Kuma have always idolized😯😯😯😯.
  • One piece chapter 1107 moreover, the situation on the island was turned upside down when Atlas told Bonney that she is the one who has the ultimate authority over the Pacifists, and logically, upon learning this, she gave the order to attack the Marines✅.
  • In response to this betrayal, Saturn pierced Vegapunk’s body with one of his paws🩸.
  • But now, at the end of the chapter, we discover who was on board the ship heading towards Egghead: it was Dorry and Brogy, the Giants are coming to help Luffy!


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