MY HERO ACADEMIA 413 To defeat Shigaraki, the One For All will have to be passed on, and while the explanation makes sense, giving away the most precious thing he has ever received, for blows, is going to prove difficult. This chapter may be an exposition, but above all a chapter full of emotions, with Deku becoming monstrous, and that’s what we’re talking about, ladies and gentlemen. Here, let’s change, we meet today for the review of chapter 413 of My Hero Academia.



MY HERO ACADEMIA 413 of course, perhaps a reference to bullets which are simply sometimes made of lead and which therefore, when they enter a body, can prove fatal. A foreign body that can be rejected by the human body and that, in fact, takes on its full meaning when we talk about this chapter.

We start immediately with the last message of Stars and Stripes, since once is not customary, during this final arc, we will therefore find an explanation of what happened during the previous chapter, with good sure SAS who had pointed out something and allowed the second user to have an idea.

MY HERO ACADEMIA 413 In reality, it is due to the fact that SAS during his fight against Shigaraki not only injured him physically, but she pushed him so much that she even injured him mentally and that, we noticed this when, in fact, it was actually Tenko who spoke instead of Shigaraki.

MY HERO ACADEMIA 413 therefore, the child who lies deep in her heart, deep in the world of vestiges, given that of course, there was All For One too when she faced him. So the rest of the alters that were able to fight part of his identity were put inside the All For One.

We are obviously entitled to all this reminder of the world of vestiges and the connection with All For One, which means that they were also connected to One For All in a certain sense, world of vestiges and company. And that’s why she was able to send a message to All Might, just that deep down, she sees it, a kid is crying.

MY HERO ACADEMIA 413 And hey, we have to talk about that because it’s just shown with two pages without text, even at the beginning, and it’s so visually impactful, you really see that Horikoshi during this final act of My Hero Academia, he is deeply into his art. The pages are chilling, see of course the body, the head, the face of Stars and Stripes which leaves, with the skeleton which appears, that is all that is happening inside the world of remains.


It’s both awful and meaningful in reality to have such a symbolic scene, because it was nice of Deku to want to save Shigaraki, but above all he had to know how to save Shigaraki. It’s true that it was also quite strange to see All Might so active in the world of the vestiges, even though he is not dead, and there we will have the explanation.

MY HERO ACADEMIA 413 while he is on the verge of death, while he is losing consciousness, while he has closed his eyes and he must not do it, so his connection is still stronger, and as he wakes up, everything becomes clear. The alter passed down from generation to generation,

the One For All is weakening, a little bit unraveling, he says it, he feels the One For All as when he was in the hospital facing blows, when he had a direct connection with shots, that’s it. It’s like maybe he has even more of a connection with the One For All.

That doesn’t mean that he’s going to regain his powers, well, I don’t think we’re going to see an All Might in his prime again at this precise moment, no, really not. And it’s still funny to see that it’s Headshot in earth form who has more than one HP who will tell All Might not to pass out and not die. No, honestly, look at you man, finally earthworm.

MY HERO ACADEMIA 413 and it’s true, personally I find this beginning of the chapter highly symbolic, and I find that it works quite well, and even extremely well, given that we are perhaps talking about the end of One For All, and what better than to show the one who made him shine, therefore All Might.

And even at least this whole passage gives a little more importance to the character of SAS, who appeared and who disappeared just as quickly, and who therefore had a perhaps residual impact, but as the story has moved forward in this final arc,

and so we still have this final indication which should still make the difference to be part of the final plan and that alone, well, at least there it is, it makes everything a little easier to digest, and even Shigaraki will notice it, something happened while he was close to Mount Fuji, therefore quite far from All Might.

MY HERO ACADEMIA 413 the will of SAS are still present and in any case she had said that the heroic will will be transmitted again and again, and perhaps even to Shigaraki.

And this is where we get to the heart of the matter with Deku’s plan to give the One For All, since obviously, Shigaraki’s last attack sent Deku blows, he flew away and he literally crushed to the ground, which will allow a little time for reflection with the second user. He will then explain to us the kind of Planet the accumulation that there was inside the world of vestiges in the mind of

MY HERO ACADEMIA 413 Shigaraki. He will explain that this represents his resentments, his hatred, his memories, his rage, his frustration, all concentrated but above all agglomerated and covered by his hatred.

MY HERO ACADEMIA 413 yes, I know, it’s more figurative than anything else, but hey, we’re not going to lie, Horikoshi’s drawing, no, but really this drawing of Shigaraki is just magnificent. I really like the graphic style of this panel, well, and I admit that I appreciated the image so much that I was the one who made this Shigaraki colo. I don’t know what you think about it.

but here we are, we’re giving it our all for the My Hero Academia reviews. So, he will explain that SAS caused a mental injury to Shigaraki, who therefore cannot heal an injury which therefore literally opened a rift towards his mind and towards the young Tenko Shimura.

And while now Shigaraki, who has acquired the consciousness of All For One, he is perhaps too powerful to be stopped simply, and perhaps we should destroy him from the inside, go directly to his consciousness, and well , there will be a lot of discussions around the plan and above all it will be super cool to see different users give their opinion, H who will say that his smoke quirk is perhaps the least useful, thanks, yes, to Horikoshi .

MY HERO ACADEMIA 413 and of course, just seeing them talk to each other, seeing All Might communicate with them, even seeing the relationship that was between them which is transcribed through their dialogue, you see the third user who calls the second senpai , because he was the leader, therefore of the rebellion at the time of All For One, all that is pleasant, just in their dialogue.

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when he thinks about abandoning One For All when he thinks about All Might from the start of the conversation and already that put you in the mood from the start of the chapter because never forget that Deku is selfish he doesn’t want to share seriously either, obviously it’s something precious for him, this gift that All Might gave and Nana Shimura will say it well she knows that Deku doesn’t seek power.

that he’s not looking for glory that he’s not afraid to die but the thing about One For All is that it’s something he’s deeply attached to something that has literally changed his life is a treasure that he received from the greatest hero and the person who idolizes him the most I love My Hero Academia so much.

it comes down to simple things Deku’s emotions I find that it deals with them well enough for us to be receptive each time yes it’s a real treasure for him what All Might has transmitted to him since the beginning of the series we know it changed his life he was able to realize his dream but it was above all the trust of his idol who received him by receiving the One For All and you surprise me that it’s super hard and it makes you the pain for him very sincerely frankly.