One Piece: The Anticipated Zoro Novel is NOT Canon; Eiichiro Oda Won't Participate in It

One Piece: The Anticipated Zoro Novel is NOT Canon; Eiichiro Oda Won’t Participate in It

In a surprising turn of events, the highly anticipated One Piece novel focusing on the fan-favorite character Zoro will not be part of the official canon. The initial excitement was due to a translation error that has since been corrected, leading fans to believe they were in for a promising story.

For weeks, One Piece enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting a special piece of content about Zoro: a novel that would delve deeper into his past. It was initially reported that, although not penned by Eiichiro Oda, the novel would be supervised by the creator of the entire One Piece universe. However, the narrative has now changed, and it appears that Oda-sensei will not be involved in the novel.

What Happened to Zoro’s Novel and Why It’s Suddenly Not Canon

Sandman_AP, one of the primary insiders for One Piece, has brought this disappointing news to light. According to Sandman, the original announcement about Zoro’s novel has been revised on the official One Piece website, removing a crucial part: the confirmation that Eiichiro Oda would oversee the novel’s content.

Unfortunately, this means we’ll have to wait for another opportunity to learn more about Zoro’s past. The revised information indicates that the original announcement was an error by the editorial team of the official One Piece website. In other words, the content will merely be a creation by Jun Esaka, who previously worked on the ‘Heroines’ novels of One Piece.

Is this detail really that important? Yes, it is. It implies that what is told in the novel will not officially belong to Zoro’s past. To learn more about the past of the Straw Hat Pirates’ swordsman, we’ll have to wait until Eiichiro Oda decides to give him the spotlight again.

Naturally, some fans have already expressed their discontent with this decision. After all, Zoro’s novel now stands as a piece of content in no man’s land, serving merely as a filler story.

A Disappointing Decision for a Beloved Character

Personally, I find it quite disappointing that they’ve chosen to make this a non-canon novel. We’re talking about Zoro, one of the most important and popular characters in the entire history of One Piece. With a compelling story that bore Eiichiro Oda’s stamp of approval in one way or another, many fans would have been eager to devour this content. However, with the direction it’s taken towards ‘non-canon,’ it’s clear that the impact of the publication will be significantly reduced.

Despite this setback, One Piece fans remain hopeful for more canonical explorations of Zoro’s past. The swordsman’s journey is an integral part of the series, and fans are eager to see it fleshed out in a way that truly counts. Until then, we’ll have to be content with the non-canon novel and the ongoing adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates.