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Oshi no Ko: Akane cosplay looks stunning in this incredible

Oshi no Ko: Akane cosplay looks stunning in this incredible

Akane cosplay “Oshi no Ko” has become an anime I have to watch more often than I thought, something I’ve come to realize over the past week without a new episode. I have to say that I was particularly intrigued by Akane and her performance as Ai, who ultimately managed to break all of Aqua’s plans. That’s why I’m delighted to have found such a perfect Akane cosplay as the one I’m presenting to you today.

There’s no such thing as a perfect Akane cosplay; perhaps you’ll change your mind.

To start with, I can leave you with something I don’t usually find: a mini clip of the cosplayer playing the character:

And in case the video doesn’t work for you, you’re lazy or you want to see more of the cosplay, obviously I also have a gallery of images to leave you with:

Obviously, as always, I’ll tell you four little things about cosplay, which will be of interest to some of you:

  • For starters, I’d say this is the first Akane cosplay in particular that I’ve seen, but it’s absolutely great. Obviously from Oshi no Ko I’ve come across quite a few already, especially from Ai, but it’s cool to see other characters taking on more relevance both on and off screen. ?
  • On the other hand, the cosplayer doesn’t have a great variety of social networks, but there are a couple of alternatives:
  • Her official Twitter account as a cosplayer.
  • Her personal Twitter account.
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