Otaku Prevents Murder Inspired by Frieren: "Himmel Would Do the Same"

Otaku Prevents Murder Inspired by Frieren: “Himmel Would Do the Same”

In an extraordinary turn of events, an anime fan prevented a potential murder by drawing inspiration from the character Himmel in the anime “Frieren.” This remarkable act of bravery has captured the hearts of many, highlighting the profound impact anime characters can have on their fans’ lives. Here’s an in-depth look at this inspiring story.

The Heroic Act in Taichung, Taiwan

Recently, the ChinaTimes (via MangaMogura) reported that several citizens were commended for their bravery in making their community safer. Among them was a young otaku, a dedicated fan of “Frieren” and an avid Monster Hunter player:

  • In Taichung, Taiwan, a person attempted to commit multiple murders by brandishing a knife in a public area. However, this plan was entirely thwarted by a brave citizen.
  • This courageous individual, Xu Ruixian, is an otaku who deeply admires Himmel, the legendary hero from “Frieren.” Inspired by Himmel’s heroic deeds, Xu intervened and prevented the assailant from harming anyone in the Taichung metro.

“Himmel Would Do the Same”

When asked about his motivation for such a brave act, Xu Ruixian simply responded, “Himmel would do the same.” This statement underscores the deep connection and influence that anime characters can have on their fans, inspiring them to act courageously in real life. Xu’s actions demonstrate that the values and virtues depicted in anime can transcend the screen and manifest in the real world.

Breaking Stereotypes About Otakus

Xu Ruixian hopes that his actions will help to dispel the negative stereotypes often associated with otakus. He stated, “We are not as bad as people think. Don’t believe in the stereotypes.” His heroism challenges the misconceptions about otakus, showing that they can be as brave and selfless as anyone else.

The Broader Impact of Anime

Anime has often been seen as a niche interest, but stories like Xu Ruixian’s highlight its broad appeal and significant influence. “Frieren” and other anime series have the power to inspire, motivate, and even save lives. As the world of anime continues to grow and reach new audiences, the positive impact it can have on individuals and communities becomes increasingly evident.

A Call for Positive Change

Xu Ruixian’s brave act serves as a reminder that we should not judge people based on stereotypes or preconceived notions. His actions show that anyone, regardless of their hobbies or interests, can make a significant difference in the world. By celebrating stories like Xu’s, we can encourage more people to see the good in others and to act with courage and kindness in their own lives.


The story of Xu Ruixian, the otaku who prevented a murder inspired by the anime “Frieren,” is a testament to the power of anime to inspire real-life heroism. By drawing strength from his admiration for Himmel, Xu not only saved lives but also challenged the negative stereotypes about otakus. This inspiring tale reminds us all of the potential for good that lies within each of us, regardless of our interests or backgrounds.