Record Of Ragnarok Confirms Release Date Of Season 2 Of Its Anime, Which Will Be Divided Into Two Different Parts.

“Record of Ragnarok” has left me on the end that we all want season 2, despite the fact that its first season of anime did not convince me technically, but what action anime fan is not going to be convinced by telling him that the second season will start with a fight between Hercules and Jack the Ripper. The truth is that today was an important day for those of us who are waiting for the return of this anime in question, and many doubts have been removed about the premiere of its second season.

The anime Record of Ragnarok is preparing for season 2

Before going into all the details that have been confirmed, because there is good information, I leave you with the new trailer that has been shared to continue promoting the return of “Record of Ragnarok”.

And now I’m going to reveal all the little details that have been confirmed about the “Record of Ragnarok” Season 2 premiere (via ANN) :

  • To begin with, it has been advanced that it will be during January 26 that Record of Ragnarok season 2 will be broadcast in preview (obviously on Netflix), but only with its first part. ❗
  • The second part of the anime will also arrive in 2023, but for now this one has no release date. ❓
  • How long will the season 2 of the anime be? In this case, it has been said that the first part will include the first 10 episodes of the second season, while the second part will air the last 5 episodes. In other words, this season will have a total of 15 anime episodes (a rather strange length, actually). ❗
  • In the trailer, on the other hand, it is striking that the use of CGI in this season is revealed. As far as I remember, Season 1 had NO CGI, which means that for this Season 2, they made some changes to the production process of Record of Ragnarok. ✔️
Record of Ragnarok confirms the release date of its anime season 2, which will be divided into two different parts. 3 642601106
Promotional poster for the second season of Record of Ragnarok

With this new trailer, I’m not entirely sure what the second season will be like in terms of production, but as much as it may surprise you, I think the inclusion of CGI may help make up for the first season’s biggest flaw: slides. There’s nothing worse (I think) than watching an action anime developed with pictures and not motion, so if the CGI helps keep the whole of “Record of Ragnarok” in constant motion, I’ll buy it a thousand times over.

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