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Release date Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 6

Release date Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 6

Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 6 continues its path at a steady pace. As for the road, we already know the number of episodes of this third series and we know that there will be a break in the middle. Another fact that you probably already know is that this new season is subtitled “New World”.

But enough about the season in general. Today, I’m going to tell you exactly when and where we can see the next episode of “Dr. Stone”. If you’re loyal followers of his story, don’t miss the information I’m leaving you here.

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When will Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 6

When will Dr. Stone Season 3 Episode 6

Here is all the information about it:

Date: Thursday, May 11. ?

Where: via the “Dr. Stone” tab on Crunchyroll. ⭐️

That’s it for the information about the premiere of the next episode of “Dr. Stone”. All that’s left is for me to ask you what you think of season 3 and if there’s anything you miss from the previous seasons. I invite you to answer this question in the comments.

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