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Release date Hell's Paradise episode 4 Jigokuraku

Release date Hell’s Paradise episode 4 Jigokuraku

Hell’s Paradise episode 4 What do you think about the third episode of Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku? The island is beautiful and Gabimaru’s fight looks great. Although they are setting a huge precedent by showing that Gabimaru is very strong, can they show us someone who can stand up to him and be believable?

Hell’s Paradise episode 4 Too many deaths in 12 minutes of episode. The number of characters we were introduced to at the beginning has been reduced considerably. But it seems we don’t need many characters on the island as we will gradually be shown more and more about the main characters.

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When Hell’s Paradise episode 4 Jigokuraku will be released

Date: Saturday, April 22 ?.

Where to watch: Available on Crunchyroll ?.

This ending was awesome. In the manga, this is the moment I decided I had to finish the work. Although the drawing is good, I think the manga drawing leaves much more mystery and makes you want to continue the story. So here is the panel that corresponds to the end of the chapter.

With this ending, we have already seen chapter 6 of the adapted manga. A good rhythm in short.

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