In the world of One Piece, Sanji is much more than just a cook. He’s a complex and powerful character, whose evolution throughout the series has captivated fans. In this article, we’ll explore in detail Sanji’s transformation from failed cook to formidable fighter, focusing on his battle with Queen and his link to his family past.

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Sanji: The Frat boy’s failure

Sanji, also known as “Black Leg,” is a member of Monkey D. Luffy’s Straw Hat crew. Yet he’s much more than just a crew member. His passion for cooking runs deep, and his dream of finding All Blue, a legendary sea where all the oceans’ fish congregate, is intimately linked to his quest to become the world’s best cook.

A Big Heart

But Sanji isn’t just a talented chef. He has a big heart and has repeatedly demonstrated his compassion for the uncalled inhabitants. He’s willing to put his life on the line to save others, and to grow stronger to protect his captain and his crew, the Nakamas.

The fight against Queen: a turning point

One of Sanji’s most memorable battles is his confrontation with Queen, the second-in-command of Kaido’s crew. This fight is of crucial importance for several reasons.

The Family Legacy

To fully understand Sanji’s battle with Queen, we need to go back to his past. Sanji was considered a failure by his father, Judge, and his biological family. Judge even passed him off as dead and kept him in detention for six months. Sanji was a disgrace to his family, but Judge never wanted to kill him. He even prepared sumptuous meals for him in secret.

Sanji’s transformation

Yet it was thanks to Sanji’s mother, Sora, that his life took a decisive turn. Sora took a drug to reverse the genetic changes in her children, making them compassionate. However, this action had tragic consequences, as it caused her death. Judge blamed Sanji for Sora’s death, but despite this, Sanji refused to lose his humanity.

Sanji’s Choice

During his battle with Queen, Sanji was confronted with the question of his own desire and will. He didn’t want to become a heartless monster like his brothers, but had to accept Germa’s powers to become stronger. In this way, he embraced his cruel side while remaining true to his innate kindness.

Sanji’s victory

Sanji finally triumphed over Queen, demonstrating his power and determination. He shattered the Germa costume and embraced his true identity. His battle with Queen was a turning point in his life, bringing him closer to his dream of becoming the world’s best cook and supporting his captain, Monkey D. Luffy, in his quest to become king of the pirates.

Sanji, a member of the Straw Hat crew, has undergone a remarkable evolution over the course of the One Piece story. In this article, we’ll explore Sanji’s potential future, based on his current abilities, his place in the crew, and clues scattered throughout the story.

Sanji’s place in the crew

To understand Sanji’s future, we must first consider his place within the Straw Hat crew. He is currently the crew’s cook, but his role goes far beyond simply preparing meals. He’s also a powerful fighter, and one wonders if he’s destined to become the crew’s second-in-command, alongside Zoro.

The second-in-command is traditionally very close in power to the first-in-command, in this case Luffy. When we look at other pirate crews, such as Whitebeard’s or Blackbeard’s, we notice that third commanders are often put forward. This suggests that Sanji and Zoro could eventually reach a similar level of power.

Sanji’s abilities
Sanji’s remarkable abilities make him one of the most formidable fighters in the One Piece world:

  • Observation Haki (HDO): Sanji has demonstrated great mastery of HDO, enabling him to perceive the emotions and intentions of others, as well as predict enemy attacks.
  • Regeneration: Having been biologically modified, Sanji has acquired the ability to regenerate his organs and bones in record time. This makes him virtually invincible, unless confronted with exceptional offensive power or a specific power.

Speed: Sanji is already one of the fastest fighters in the world, and his speed is further amplified by his new abilities. He can become practically invisible while moving at lightning speed.

Muscular strength: Sanji possesses impressive brute strength, capable of breaking several bats with a single kick.

Resistance: His resistance is phenomenal, as demonstrated by his ability to take a sword blow directly to the back of the neck without flinching.

Ifrit Flames: Sanji has developed new flames, called “Ifrit”, which are extremely fiery and powerful.

All these abilities make Sanji a complete and formidable fighter. Translated with (free version)