The Surprising Twist That Changed One Piece Chapter 1105

The Surprising Twist That Changed One Piece Chapter 1105

In this chapter, it is revealed that it is very likely that the Blackbeard Pirates have arrived on EggHead Island, and what’s more, they are also in possession of VegaPunk’s technology.

One Piece Chapter 1105 I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, but like I said, there’s a lot involved in this, and we’ll get to that a little later. First, I need to go over what happened in this entire chapter.

At the end of the previous one, we saw that Saturn had ordered a massive bombardment on EggHead.

One Piece Chapter 1105

The Surprising Twist That Changed One Piece Chapter 1105

One Piece Chapter 1105 I guess he got fed up with what was happening here, decided that there were too many negative factors at play, and decided to eradicate it all. Coming into this chapter, we see everyone panicking and running away, especially the Marines, because you know, they’re just normal guys.

One Piece Chapter 1105 because, in theory, I guess she thinks it would kill them too, but they say no. Saturn says, “Kizaru and I will stay on the island,” which is sobering. I guess they are confident enough to survive the massive bombardment.

Kizaru is a Logia and I don’t think the massive bombardment will hurt him, so no worries for Kizaru, and Saturn, as we’ve seen, is quite powerful but also has the power of regeneration.

One Piece Chapter 1105 so they’re both kind of in the same boat, where they can take a massive bombardment and it won’t really affect them. And I guess it’s just a better way to clear out all the people hanging around the island, because I guess in the end it will just come down to the Straw Hat, Vega Punk, and the Beard Pirates Noire confronting Kizaru and Saturn as well as the seraphim.

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let’s not forget them, they are still there, but they are a little confined at the moment. But back to Saturn and Kizaru, who are standing right in front of Vega Punk, and Vega Punk is begging them to stop the massive bombing, because you know, EggHead is the premier place for science and technology in the world, and if you destroy it, it will set you back a century, essentially. And Saturn further confirms why he’s doing the massive bombing, he says, “Yeah, I don’t care, maybe you’re still hiding something and besides, we don’t even need to progress any further.”

One Piece Chapter 1105 and it’s understandable because Saturn and the Goro want to keep the world under some control, it’s a bit like the Matrix for them, and I guess he realized that if he just keeps doing advance technology, they will eventually return to what the ancient kingdom was over a thousand years ago, which we found out thanks to Vega Punk, who had the most advanced technology ever seen, and who of course was wiped out by the world government.

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One Piece Chapter 1105 and also, another thing here that I think is a little funny is that Vega Punk is right there, in front of Saturn and Kizaru, and they don’t do anything, they just chat with him, and c It’s like their whole intention is to kill Vega Punk, they could just kill him then and there, why are they wasting their time arguing with him and doing nothing, but I digress. Saturn continues speaking and says that he gave the order to destroy the ship that left the island yesterday, and this ship he is referring to is from chapter 1079.

One Piece Chapter 1105 we saw that the researchers on EggHead had all evacuated to the ship, then finally left, and we find out that Saturn gave the order to hunt them down and destroy them, and we see like this vision of the ship being destroyed, from Saturn’s perspective, but spoiler, they aren’t actually destroyed or killed at all, they apparently managed to escape, but with a caveat, and we’ll get to that, but he thinks that they would have information about the forgotten century

One Piece Chapter 1105 which is understandable because Vega Punk seems to know a lot about it, although he doesn’t tell the audience, but we move on and we see what Sanji and Franky are doing with Atlas and they have now the Kuma unconscious or a little unconscious, they are trying to take him to the phase because I don’t know, Vega Punk can do something for Kuma, it’s not really revealed yet, Kuma’s status is very unknown at this stage.

One Piece Chapter 1105 it doesn’t seem like he’ll be able to get his full consciousness and personality back, but maybe he’ll be able to exist as an android who has some sort of pseudo-consciousness, and that could also play into In favor of what the Buccaneers’ power might be other than being strong and tall, they might have some sort of soul imprinting ability or something.

they can place their will into something inanimate, maybe, I don’t know, that could also be what’s happening with the old robot, maybe a Buccaneer back in the day imprinted on him, but Sanji helps them through these vacuum tubes to get to the top of Labp and we also move on and see what the other straw hats like Nami, Robin, Usopp, Chopper are doing and they don’t do anything .

One Piece Chapter 1105 I mean they literally do nothing and it just makes me wonder why Oda just regulates the Straw Hats to do nothing but Nami mentions that Zoro is still fighting Luchi and they send Jinbe on looking for him so he doesn’t get lost and it’s like, okay, so this confirms that Zoro is still fighting Rob Lucci but it’s still off screen

One Piece Chapter 1105 and we don’t know what’s going on with this fight and I’m even wondering if Oda is going to show it to us or if he’s just going to be completely off screen and I guess it will end with Zoro possibly defeating Lucci maybe or it’ll just be a stalemate once JinBee gets there and Luchi runs away for a bit because of the massive bombing or something.

but then we cut back to Brooke who is with Lilith and they carry the Sunny through the clouds on the EggHead, they can do it because Brooke can freeze the clouds, the massive bombardment finally begins and the first volley is fired and we see also that the Pacifistas also fire their lasers to destroy him as well and VegaPunk still watches without being attacked by Saturn or Kizaru.

One Piece Chapter 1105 and we see Atlas inside that hyper capsule going to the top of the vacuum tube to get to the lab stage with Frankie, Kuma and Bonney but Kizaru instantly gets there, takes out his sword and cuts straight through the vacuum tube and hyper pod and then Frankie, Kuma, Atlas and Bonnie all fall from the vacuum tube up and down onto the EggHead and Saturn gives the orders to the Pacifistas to shoot them out of the sky basically with their laser which is ironic as he says given that the Pacifistas are going to kill Kuma.

which they were based on but Sanji is on his way to help them so I’m sure he’ll be able to save them somehow because he can kinda fly, you know, using the air but then we let’s get to the very end of the chapter and we see that Luffy is eating food from the food machine and he is so full he can’t even move he needed the food to recover from using gear 5 against Kizaru.

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One Piece Chapter 1105 so I guess we will come back to him in the next chapter or maybe the one after that but in the last panel of the chapter we see a marine who says we failed to neutralize this runaway ship we have to report it to Kizaru he must know that they are heading towards EggHead.

so like I said at the beginning the ship that had all the EggHead scientists on it wasn’t actually destroyed like Saturn thought they managed to escape because the Marine warship that was supposed to attack them was was actually destroyed instead and when they say he must know they’re heading towards the EggHead that means the Blackbeard Pirates in my opinion.

One Piece Chapter 1105 because also in chapter 1079 when we saw the scientists escaping the panel after that was a Blackbeard Pirate ship heading towards EggHead so we can just assume it was them who destroyed the ships Marines that were going to attack them and I guess the Blackbeard Pirates now have the EggHead scientists.

because why wouldn’t they take them and I guess that means they will now be in possession of Vega Punk’s technology or the ability to replicate it as well as any sort of information that VAP Punk had so that’s just a way to make the Blackbeard Pirates even stronger and more effective in finding the One Piece I guess for laughs but yeah that’s about it for this one guys let me know what you think of this chapter in the comments and if you liked it please give it a like and please