One piece chapter 1086 introduces a new character who is VERY closely linked Shanks.

One piece chapter 1086 introduces a new character who is VERY closely linked to Shanks.

Although the official One piece chapter 1086 premiere is only days away, spoilers are already circulating uncontrollably on the Internet. The series’ authors have practically established an official leak schedule, allowing millions of people around the world to get ahead of the official Japanese premiere.

It is now possible to read the new chapter of Eiichiro Oda’s work on numerous websites, which offer high-quality scans of the plates and even a fairly faithful English translation. Given all this, and what’s going on in 1086, fans are theorizing like crazy about the identity of an unpublished character who could be extremely important in the final One Piece saga.

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One piece chapter 1086 Shanks’ father?

One piece chapter 1086 Shanks' father?
  • One piece chapter 1086, Saint Figarland Garling, the man in charge of publicly executing Donquixote Mjosgard for helping the Gyojin defy St. Charlos ? is introduced for the first time.
  • It turns out that this man is the Supreme Commander of the Divine Knights, an elite order that works under the orders of the Gorosei ?
  • One piece chapter 1086 And to everyone’s surprise he was formerly the “King” of God Valley, the region where Gol D. Roger and Garp defeated Rocks D. Xebec and theirs❗❗❗
  • But the most curious of all is that many people suspect that this character is closely related to Shanks: there is already a theory that he is the father of the red-haired????
  • One piece chapter 1086 The clues pointing to Garling being Shanks’ father are as follows:
  • In One Piece Film Red it is dropped that Shanks belongs to the Figarland family.
  • Garling uses a saber to fight, just like the red-haired man.
  • The leader of the Divine Knights was king of God Valley, and Shanks was found there by Roger when he was a baby
  • Shanks was able to meet privately with the Gorosei, something that might be possible thanks to his blood ties with this old man