La Sortie Du Film Danimation Black Clover Est Retardee De

The Release Of The Animated Film Black Clover Is Delayed By Almost 3 Months

What a Friday that tastes like Monday, because thank goodness it’s Friday, because if it had been Monday, this news would have been a kick in the crotch that wouldn’t let you move for a few very tense minutes. But yes, the truth is that the day couldn’t have started in a worse way than with the news that “Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King”, the movie that brought back the anime of Asta and company after a long period of inactivity, has suffered a rather notorious delay.

Black Clover suffers a rather painful delay for its anime film

Here are all the details ANN has gathered on what is now confirmed news:

  • It has indeed been confirmed that Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King, the animated film, will NOT be released on March 31 as planned, either in Japanese theaters or via Netflix. The delay is total and global. ????
  • The only “positive” thing in all of this is that at least a new release date for the Black Clover film has been confirmed: June 16, 2023. This new release date applies (again) to both theaters in Japan and streaming on Netflix, the latter of which is simultaneous worldwide. ????
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The Release Of The Animated Film Black Clover Is Delayed By Almost 3 Months 1
  • The reason that imposed this delay to the film is none other than COVID-19. Thus, Black Clover becomes “one more” of the anime more and more affected by this second wave of delays in the industry, which has a strong impact in China. ????
  • No further delays are initially planned for Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King, as the delay is purely from COVID-19 and not from any natural production hiccups. ????

Well, my friends, thank goodness we have the weekend to cheer us up, because this is very bad news. We can only hope that everyone affected by COVID-19 working on the animated film “Black Clover” can recover without major complications. If someone wants to make a positive reading, at least this will give Yuki Tabata even more space to continue working on the final phase of the manga, which we will obviously see sooner or later in anime form as well.

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