This manga creation AI has tens of thousands of users, and is the official AI of Shonen Jump.

This manga creation AI has tens of thousands of users, and is the official AI of Shonen Jump.

AI manga Creating a manga is far from an easy task, and the proof is that more than once you come across a work with two or more different authors. Ultimately, it’s a task that demands absolutely savage sacrifice and perseverance, which explains why only a few authors manage to succeed. Perhaps that’s why Shonen Jump+ has developed something called ComicCopilot, an AI that helps create manga.

Here’s everything you need to know about ComicCopilot, the ultimate support tool for mangakas.

  • ComicCopilot is an Artificial intelligence developed between the editorial department of Shonen Jump+ (with the editors providing the necessary manga knowledge) and alu, a company working in the Artificial intelligence and NFT market. In other words, from Jump they consciously searched for a partner for the project who was specialized in the AIs sector. ?
  • An important detail to keep in mind is that ComicCopilot is limited by territory as of today. In Spain, for example, it is NOT available. ?
  • It is also important to note that ComicCopilot’s Artificial intelligence will not make a manga as such for you, but will help you in aspects such as the following (hence the idea of ‘co-pilot’, since the ‘pilot’ is still the mangaka):
  • The Artificial intelligence will evaluate the ideas you propose to it.
  • It also provides suggestions as to the dialogues that the characters can develop.
  • It also gives alternatives in terms of names for special techniques, character names or directly a potential theme for a new work.
  • The idea behind ComicCopilot is that it will, in effect, be an assistance tool for mangakas by which to make creating new manga an easier task, and thus the market can receive new work at a faster rate. ?

But does ComicCopilot work?

It certainly looks like ComicCopilot is a success in Japan. Yuta Moriyama, editor-in-chief of Shonen Jump+, confirmed on Twitter that the AI had already been used by over 25,000 people:

As yet, no manga has been officially published with the help of ComicCopilot, but it’s a possibility that shouldn’t be ruled out in the future. After all, Manga Plus itself has a space for budding manga artists to submit their own work, so it’s only a matter of time before the first submissions emerge from Shonen Jump+.