Naruto: new anime episodes in 2023

Naruto: new anime episodes in 2023

It seems incredible that 20 years have passed since the release of the original “Naruto” anime, a story that left a strong impression on many of us who have been adults for some time now. Unfortunately, all things must come to an end, and that’s what happened to the anime, which was eventually replaced by “Boruto”. Today, those who grew up with the original story have a reason to be VERY happy, as it has been confirmed that new episodes will be airing.

The classic Naruto anime gets new episodes to mark its 20th anniversary

In addition to the confirmation that the “Boruto” anime will have a part 2, it has been announced that the original “Naruto” anime will add new episodes to its total. Here’s all you need to know about it for now (via ANN):

  • To begin with, it has been confirmed that a total of 4 new episodes will be aired for the original anime. ?
  • These episodes will start airing on a date to be confirmed in the month of September 2023. The reason for this is because they want to link these 4 episodes with the month of October, which was when Naruto originally debuted during 2002. ?
  • Also, in Japan the most fans of the franchise will find that from the month of July a series of episodes of the Naruto anime will be selected to be broadcast through public television. ?
  • At the moment it is unknown what exactly those new Naruto episodes will narrate, but the following images have also been shared, which may give a hint about it:

Maybe come October 2023 there will be a final celebratory announcement in some form? Well, no idea, but it hasn’t been said that this 4 new episodes of the “Naruto” anime will be the last of what’s planned (which is not to say that it won’t necessarily be). In any case, it’s looking pretty good this year for fans of the franchise.