Unraveling "The FLAMES of Kaiser's AWAKENING" | Blue Lock Chapter 262 Leaks

Unraveling “The FLAMES of Kaiser’s AWAKENING” | Blue Lock Chapter 262 Leaks

Hey there, manga enthusiasts! I’m thrilled to bring you the latest scoop on the highly anticipated “The FLAMES of Kaiser’s AWAKENING.” So, grab a snack, sit back, and let’s dive into the riveting revelations of this new chapter.

Blue Lock Chapter 262 Majestic Artwork

Before we begin, it’s worth noting the exceptional quality of the art in this new Blue Lock chapter. Despite the challenges faced by the artist, NOA, the result is nothing short of majestic. The details, expressions, and character dynamics are breathtaking.

Blue Lock Chapter 262 Kaiser’s Desperation

Chapter 262 of Blue Lock, titled “Zero,” kicks off with a face-off between Isagi and Kaiser. The latter seems more desperate than ever, and Isagi seizes the opportunity to take control of the game. With his metavision and ability to read his opponents’ moves, Isagi dominates Kaiser and pushes him to the brink.

Isagi adopts a deliberate strategy to destabilize Kaiser. By hurling insults and hurtful words, he aims to drive Kaiser into an obsessive frenzy, making his movements easier to predict. Isagi is confident that this approach will give him a 100% chance of winning against Kaiser and PxG.

Kaiser’s Rage

Isagi’s strategy works, and Kaiser eventually cracks. He even compares himself to his abusive father, which shows just how distraught he is. However, he manages to overcome his anger and sprints towards Isagi, determined not to back down.

Alexis Ness, one of Kaiser’s teammates, tries to calm him down and reason with him. He reminds Kaiser of his good results in previous matches and advises him not to take unnecessary risks. But Kaiser doesn’t see it that way. He explains that in this match, everything is at stake: their Ace position, their reputation, and even their future in the world of soccer.

Kaiser’s Fall

In his desperate attempt to catch up to Isagi, Kaiser makes a fatal mistake. He attempts a slide tackle, but Isagi skillfully avoids it with an impressive move. Kaiser is left sliding on the ground, wondering if he’s now afraid of returning to the “non-human” state he despised so much.


This new chapter of Blue Lock offers a thrilling glimpse into the confrontation between Isagi and Kaiser. While the former seems to have the upper hand, the latter fights with determination not to give in. The next chapter, titled “Boundary Line,” promises new revelations and twists.

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