Black Clover Chapter 353 Asta Dominates The Power! The Return of Asta!

In this article, Black clover chapter 353. In this chapter, a lot of important information is revealed, such as the new objectives from now on, and what Asta that will do now that he has a new power. The chapter is very comprehensive and will be discussed in detail, but before that I would like to apologize to our viewers, as there was no leak this week due to a health problem. We count on everyone’s support and hope you enjoy the article.

Black clover chapter 353 Asta is his Power-Up

Black clover chapter 353 Asta is his Power-Up

Black clover chapter 353 begins with all the citizens of the Land of the Sun looking up, watching the clouds that used to cover the whole. Now they have slowly disappeared, leaving only a beautiful sky above them. All the people are overjoyed, relieved that the battle has finally ended, allowing them to see the blue sky that was previously covered by the clouds again.

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Black clover chapter 353 To finish with the powerful five-headed dragon, we now see Ryu who was standing next to the runaway talking and the latter starts to say that the whole digoxu hotel had been covered by clouds which had been created thanks to the yo-yo of the five-headed dragon. But with the anti-magic of ata, all this magic had been cancelled, which Ryu had wanted for a long time. He had always wished that his people could see the beautiful sky, after all, they were in the Land of the Sun, and now, after a long time, thanks to ata’s help, his wish had come true, and he could only be grateful.

Black clover chapter 353 Asta dominates the power! The return of Asta! 3 Black Clover 353

We now see the body part of the five-headed dragon that lay lifeless on the ground near Ryu’s palace, meaning that the creature’s body parts could still be used in the future, for some as yet unknown purpose.

Black clover chapter 353 Following the story, Asta approaches Half and manages to recognize the ice mage who attacked the village of False in the past, but Asta notices something strange. This mage had lost his life long ago, so why was he there? He could never have come back to life.

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I begin walking towards Asta, telling him that he spoke of powers that Lucius has managed to obtain. Lucius has not yet reached his full power, but with the power he currently possesses, he is able to bring people back to life who have lost it. Asta, surprised by these questions, asks if it was not possible to return to the kingdom of Clover at that time. But I said that at that very moment, Asta’s companions were trying to find a way to bring him back to the kingdom of clover.

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