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My Hero Academia chapter 386 - ALL MIGHT WILL DIE IN THIS FINAL BATTLE!

My Hero Academia chapter 386 – ALL MIGHT WILL DIE IN THIS FINAL BATTLE!

My Hero Academia chapter 386 features the ultimate battle between the heroes and All For One, who is determined to kill Shigaraki. His flames continue to wreak havoc and he is still undefeated despite the heroes’ attacks.

However, we learn that All For One is actually a time bomb that will explode if he is not knocked out. If he explodes, he could destroy the city and endanger the lives of many heroes and civilians. So the stakes are high for the heroes, who are not trying to kill All For One, but to render him unconscious.

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My Hero Academia chapter 386

My Hero Academia chapter 386 Brava issues an alert to all heroes and civilians to evacuate the area while Alpha Roanne rushes in to help the heroes. The heroes must act quickly to stop this threat.

Meanwhile, Ténia tries to motivate Shoto by supporting him in his fight against his brother. But he can’t find the right words and realizes that sometimes, nice words are not enough to comfort someone. Heroes must be willing to act and fight to protect their city and save lives.

All in all, chapter 386 of My Hero Academia is intense and highlights the huge stakes the heroes are facing. They must act quickly to neutralize the threat and protect their city and its inhabitants.

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