Dr. Stone: When will the second half of anime season 3 begin?

Dr. Stone: When will the second half of anime season 3 begin?

Dr. Stone ” is one of the most popular anime of recent years, and the reason is obvious: it presents a story full of adventure and action, but without the need for all the fantastic powers of the typical shonen. Yes, the story of “Dr Stone” is fantastic enough in itself, but it’s true that the scientific basis gives a completely different aspect to the story of Senku and company. That said, when will the second part of season 3 of the anime air?

Does the third season of the anime have a part 2?

For those who missed it back then, here’s everything that was said about the third season of the anime “Dr :

  • Season 3 of the Dr. Stone anime was announced at the time as being divided into two parts.
  • In total, the third season was also scheduled to contain up to 22 episodes. Logically, at this stage, it is understood that each part will comprise 11 episodes.
  • The first part of Dr. Stone season 3 began airing as part of spring anime, so logically it’s something that ends with the arrival of the summer term.
  • So when will season 3 continue to air with what will be part 2?

When will the second part of the Dr. Stone anime air?

As for when and how the anime’s third season will continue, that’s also what we know:

  • Initially, it was specified that the third season of the Dr. Stone anime would be broadcast in 2 distinct and NON-consecutive parts. This means that at the end of the first 11 episodes of the third season, there will be a break in the broadcast.
  • This interruption is what “links” the first part to the second. But when will it air? Barring any surprises, the third season of the Dr. Stone anime is scheduled to air in the autumn, in October 2023.
  • When an anime season is announced in 2 parts with a non-consecutive broadcast, they always leave a quarter of a year between the two parts. With Stone announcing an exceptional change, the only real possibility is that part 2 of the anime will air during the autumn of this year

season 3 the end of the Dr.Stone anime?

Obviously, I’m aware that many of you must be curious to know whether the “Dr. Stone” anime will be extended for much longer. So here’s everything you need to know about it:

  • Stone was on the 89th chapter of the manga, which was set in the Age of Exploration arc.
  • With the airing of the third season of the anime and these first 11 chapters, we’ve moved straight on to the Treasure Island arc, and it’s possible to estimate that we’re up to chapter 116 of the manga at this stage.
  • In all, Dr. Stone’s manga has 232 chapters, which means that one thing is clear: we’re about halfway through the journey of Senku and his band of scientists.
  • This means that if we’ve had 3 seasons so far and we’re already over 40 episodes in, it would be logical to imagine that Dr. Stone anime will continue to expand into a “second half” of similar length.

I hope this has helped more than one person understand the current state of the “Dr. Stone” anime and also that we’re still a long way from the end of the story as such. But as I said, stay tuned in the coming months, as Senku’s return is guaranteed with a second part of the third season.

Finally, I’d like to remind you that anyone who wants to watch the anime “Dr. Stone” can find it in its entirety on Crunchyroll.