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The Figarlands in One Piece: Here's everything we know about Garling and Shanks' supposed family.

The Figarlands in One Piece: Here’s everything we know about Garling and Shanks’ supposed family.

The Figarlands family’s One Piece manga has entered its latest saga with an arc that leaves us with all sorts of exciting revelations. Beyond the actions of Luffy and his crew in Egghead, the big names in the series are starting to stir things up, notably Shanks and the world government.

In addition to all the information that has been published in recent days on the Gorosei and Im, Eiichiro Oda has taken it upon himself to shed a little more light on the subject of lineages and World Nobles. In light of the latest developments in chapter 1086, it’s time to review everything we know about Figarland.

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Warning! Before reading any further, I must warn you that I’m going to talk about SPOILERS in chapter 1086 of the One Piece manga. So please pay close attention.

All about the Figarlands family

  • Figarlands is the surname of one of the 20 families who founded the World Government 800 years? ago.
  • Saint Figarland Garling, introduced in chapter 1086, is the only known member of this line✅.
  • Given that he was king of the Valley of the Gods, it’s not out of the question that this kingdom was the original home of the Figarlands.
  • Garling also holds the position of Supreme Commander of the Divine Knights, the elite group that protects the Tenryubito?.
  • We’re talking about one of the most important families in One Piece.

One piece Shanks is a Figarlands?

  • The One Piece Film RED includes a scene where the Gorosei discuss the possibility of murdering Uta, but believing her to be Shanks’ biological daughter, they decide against it because of the option that she might be a Figarland ?.
  • Considering that Uta’s character is canon, it’s very likely that Shanks’ being a Figarland is too.
  • So we already know two members of the Figarland family: Shanks and Garling ✅✅✅.
  • In fact, there are already theories (including hints) that the two could be father and son❗

And that’s all we know about the Figarland family, one of the most important in the entire One Piece universe. If Shanks turns out to be a member of this lineage, it would explain why he was able to arrange a private meeting with the Gorosei, and the fact that he’s a pirate wouldn’t be an obstacle, since Doflamingo is also a Noble of the World.

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