Dragon Ball Daima: Bandai's Brand Manager Anticipates Thrilling Surprises

Dragon Ball Daima: Bandai’s Brand Manager Anticipates Thrilling Surprises

Dragon Ball Daima may be one of the most anticipated arrivals in the anime scene in 2024. Created by Akira Toriyama, this new spin-off series takes place temporally after the death of Kid Buu but before the start of Dragon Ball Super. Thanks to a desire expressed through the Dragon Balls, Goku and his friends find themselves facing a new challenge that they cannot overcome with force: they have all been transformed into younger versions of themselves.

A New Challenge for Goku and His Friends

Dragon Ball Daima

When Dragon Ball Daima was announced, many anime fans immediately drew comparisons with Dragon Ball GT. In that series, Son Goku was also transformed into a child due to a desire expressed by Pilaf and his minions. Similarly, in Daima, it seems that Goku will travel through the universe in search of a way to return to adulthood, but this time he will not be accompanied by Trunks and Pan. Instead, the protagonist of the anime will embark on a spaceship with the Kaioshin, seeking to discover what has transformed everyone into children, while trailers suggest the arrival of new and mysterious villains.

A New Series of Surprises

Bandai Namco UK’s Brand Manager has stated regarding the new series focused on the Z Warriors: “Dragon Ball, probably the most recognizable anime of all time, is preparing for a new series at the end of the year with Dragon Ball Daima, which promises many thrilling surprises for both new and long-time fans.”

A New Story for the Dragon Ball Universe

Dragon Ball Daima is one of the last projects of Akira Toriyama, who tragically passed away this year. The idea was born from the manga artist and Toei Animation worked to weave this new story into the Dragon Ball universe. Although the series has not yet revealed a precise release date, it is certain that it will be one of the most anticipated events of the fall anime season.

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